Conspiracy Theories That Ended Up Being True

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction and that couldn’t be any truer when it comes to this article. With thousands, if not millions of conspiracy theories about the government floating around, it just makes sense that a few of them end up ringing true.

Most conspiracy theories are baseless and chaotic, but in some rare cases, there are bombshells revealed to the public that give us some transparency into what our politicians are doing. I grabbed a bunch of the craziest, “I can’t believe these are true” conspiracy theories that ended up changing our perception of government. You won’t believe what the government did during Prohibition. Read on to learn more.

What happened in 1926 would never go unnoticed today.

Heart Attack Guns Exist


This is actually real. No, they weren’t/ aren’t called heart attack guns, but it was disclosed by the CIA in 1975.

It fires bullets made of ice dipped in shellfish toxin which almost immediately induces a heart attack. I just don’t know why someone would want that over a real gun, but to each their own.

ATM’s Use Facial Recognition


I mean, this isn’t even that much of a bad conspiracy theory. For decades, people have been saying that ATMs have cameras that do facial recognition. Well, that’s not true.

But, Diebold security firm did just come up with a selfie security system on ATMs that protect you from fraud.

Mockingbird Is A Branch Of The CIA


Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program in the CIA that began in the 1950s. I say alleged very loosely.

It was a program that recruited journalists into a government propaganda network. The CIA supported front groups financially in order to manipulate the news media to disseminate the message they wanted to tell.

The CIA Tried To Develop Mind Control

Twitter / @DussePauline

This sounds like something out of a weird fictional movie, but it’s not. The program known as MK-ULTRA was carried out by the CIA and began dosing people with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs without their knowledge.

Some people were even left permanently brain damaged because of the drugs. Scary.

There’s Cancer In Your Vaccines


You know what would be a worst case scenario? If the government accidentally injected a cancer-inducing substance into 10 million people. No, that’s not just a fantasy, that actually happened.

The CDC admitted that tens of millions of Americans received a contaminated polio vaccine infected with cancer-inducing SV40.

Keep reading to see what the FBI later admitted to doing in 1926 during Prohibition.

The World Series Was Rigged

1919 World Series

The idea that a big sports game might be rigged could seem crazy to some people. I mean, it’s sports, come on. But the 1919 World Series was probably the most notable game-throwing of all time.

By the end of the madness, eight players from the Chicago White Sox ended up in court after intentionally losing the World Series in exchange for money from Arnold Rothstein.

The Dead Baby Project

CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s very easy to laugh at conspiracy theories, especially the crazy ones. But, what if those theories end up being true? It turns from funny to scary very quick.

The conspiracy was that the government was stealing babies and doing radioactive testing on them in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s only partially true. The government was testing already dead babies and taking samples of their limbs.

Keep reading to find out what the U.S. government did to its citizens in the 1920s…

The NSA Is Spying On You

Twitter / @qnainfo

The original conspiracy was that the government was using its vast resources to track its citizens. While some people thought that was absurd, the truth is that it wasn’t.

In 2016, government agencies sent almost 50,000 requests for user data to Facebook. Similar requests were made to Google and Apple. These companies won’t even warn you that they’re turning over your data.

Too Much Fluoride Is Bad For Your Teeth

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The government denied the fact that excess fluoride can actually bad for your teeth for years. The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a change to drinking water due to fluoride levels that cause streaking on children’s teeth.

It always baffles me that the government is supposed to be looking out for us, yet in a lot of cases they don’t.

The US Is Selling Weapons To Iran

Jens Buettner/picture alliance via Getty Images

If you were to tell some people that the US government was selling weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages, you would’ve been laughed at in the 1990s.

But, it’s absolutely true. It’s more commonly known as the Iran-Contra affair. It occurred during the second term of President Ronald Reagan. The exchange was to go through the Israeli government.

The Dalai Lama’s Salary

Photo by Marijan Murat/picture alliance via Getty Images

I guess it’s pretty easy to see why the Dalai Lama is always smiling in his picture — he was making some serious bank from the US government.

According to some recently declassified documents, he was earning nearly $200,000 a year in connection with the CIA’s funding of the Tibetan Resistance. He was supposed to disrupt and hamper China’s infrastructure.

The FBI Poisoned Alchohol During Prohibition


It seems crazy to think that the government would purposefully poison their own citizens, but it’s happened. Between 1926-1933, the federal government pushed manufacturers to use poisons to discourage bootleggers from turning the alcohol into moonshine.

That didn’t stop bootleggers, and it ended up killing nearly 10,000 people.

Canada Tried To Develop A Gaydar


You’ve probably heard about the “gaydar” before. It’s a made-up scale or radar that tells you whether someone is gay or not. Some have a good one, some don’t.

In the 1960s, the Canadian government hired a university professor to develop a way to detect homosexuality in federal employees. the machine measured pupil dilation in response to same-sex imagery. They fired 400 men from civil service, the military, and the Mounties.

Wrestling Is Fake

Photo Credit: B Bennett/Getty Images

I know this is going to hurt some people when they find out that, yes, wrestling is fake. I know. I had to face the truth years ago and it still hurts me to this day.

One fan was releasing the winners of wrestling matches ahead of time and he didn’t get it wrong once. Yes, the matches are rigged.

The CIA Operates “Black Sites”

Twitter / @RT_COM

The “wacky” conspiracy theory that the US has locations around the world called “black sites” that are used to detain unlawful enemy combatants were true.

President George W. Bush acknowledged that these sites existed and were secret prisons controlled by the CIA. Most of them were shut down and all of the prisoners were taken to Guantanamo Bay.

John Lennon Was Under Government Surveillance


The celebrity conspiracy theories are always interesting and usually false. But, in this case, there’s some truth to the idea that the FBI was spying on John Lennon.

The fact that Lennon and the Beatles were singing many anti-war songs didn’t sit well with the Nixon administration. In 1971, the FBI put Lennon under surveillance and even tried to get him deported.

Watergate Was Put On By Nixon

STILLS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images and Photo 12/UIG via Getty Images

By now, if you don’t know that Nixon was behind Watergate, you should probably come out from under your rock. It was, at one time, a conspiracy theory.

It took a while, but leaks began to happen and the press got ahold of the right people. Nixon would end up resigning because of it.

Fake Battle, Real War

Gulf of Tonkin

The conspiracy was that the battle in the Gulf of Tonkin was faked so that the US would have grounds to go to Vietnam.

The facts surrounding the North Vietnamese attack on the US naval ship Maddox were unclear. It turns out that the Maddox was helping provide support to the South Vietnamese and the North was responding in kind.

Big Tobacco Knew Cigarettes Caused Cancer


I mean, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. For decades, starting in the 1950s, there were indisputable links between smoking and lung cancer.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Philip Morris, Americas largest cigarette maker, admitted that it could cause cancer. They only showed up to the party 40 years too late.

The Illuminati And The U.S. Government Are Linked

The Illuminati

You’ve probably heard about the Illuminati. It’s a secret society that rules the world and the American government is in cahoots with them.

Well, the link actually does exist. And by the link, I mean an actual hyperlink that does have a connection. If you spell illuminati backwards (Itanimulli) into the browser, it’ll take you to the NSA website.