Hands Down The Most Bizarre Guinness World Records Of All Time

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, you know what the Guinness Book Of World Records is, so I don’t have to explain it. There is basically a record for everything. Like, I’m not joking.

This article explores some of the weirdest records that people hold around the world. Get the popcorn out because it starts to get REALLY weird, REALLY quick.

Most Big Macs Consumed In A Lifetime

Photo Credit: Cate Gillon/Getty Images

This has to be the most American world record of all time. Donald Gorske holds the record for most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime.

He’s eaten 26,000 of them. Yes, you’re not reading that wrong. If you’re wondering how this guy is even alive still, you’re not alone. Good for him, I guess?

Most Piercings In A Lifetime

Twitter / @Tannice_

Elaine Davidson got her first piercing in 1997. She was absolutely hooked. The Brazilian former restaurant owner has been pierced a total of 4,225 times as of June 8th, 2006.

I mean, good for her. But, there has to come a time when she’s going to run out of real estate.

Longest Metal Coil Passed Through The Nose And Out Of Mouth

Twitter / @SiNNbODHi

This has got to be one of the weirdest world records of all time. Oh wait, it is, which is why I have it on the list. Okay, I’ll stop talking to myself.

This is Andrew Stanton, who was able to pierce his skin with 11 feet, 10.91 inches of metal coil in 2012.

World’s Stretchiest Skin

Twitter / @prabir_kanti

If you want to throw up when you’re looking at this picture, you’re not alone. The world record for the stretchiest skin is this guy, Garry Turner. He can stretch the skin on his stomach 6.25 inches due to a skin condition.

He says it doesn’t hurt him at all when he stretches his skin.

Longest Fingernails On A Woman

Twitter / @Sun_Bingo

It took American Lee Redmond nearly three decades to grow out her nails. At her peak, she had them 28 feet, 4.5 inches long, which is absolutely insane.

I mean, I’m not going to judge, but the practicality of this is very inconvenient. She got into a car accident in 2009 and her nails snapped off.

Longest Mustache

Twitter / @LifeofDadShow

I honestly thought he was holding up a pair of snakes, but that’s actually just his beard. Ram Singh Chauhan’s stache is the longest in the world at 14 feet long.

The Indian man’s facial hair was measured in 2010 and he’s held the record ever since. Trimming that thing would be incredibly difficult.

Most Beard And Moustache Championship Wins

Twitter / @AlmightyPamp

Yes, there is such a thing. But would you expect anyone but Karl-Heinz Hille to win it eight times? The easy answer to that is “no”.

This German may not have the length like our last page, but he has the style. A World Beard And Mustache Championships legend and rightly so.

Largest Gnome Collection

Twitter / @sintacosfm

If you were ever wondering whether someone had a gnome reserve, the answer is yes. It’s four acres long and is located in West Putford, England.

This is Ann Atkin, the woman behind the 2,042 collection of gnomes and pixies. If she was getting judged by Randy Jackson from American Idol, he would say “it’s going to be a g(NO)me from me dawg”.

Most Wins For Gurning

Twitter / @fadolflo

What is gurning, you ask? Well, it’s literally just making this face. This woman has won the most world championships for gurning (27 of them spanning from 1977 to 2010).

There’s a Crab Fair in Cumbria, England that hold the event. It was established in 1267, which makes it one of the oldest fairs in the world.

World’s Hairiest Family


This is four members of a 19 member family. All of them suffer from a rare condition called congenital generalized hypertrichosis.

The condition is characterized by excessive facial and torso hair. The condition affects males more than females, and weirdly enough, the palms, soles, and mucous membranes aren’t affected.

Longest Serving Ice Cream Man

Twitter / @StoryCorps

Everyone loves the ice cream man. I mean, how could you not? Allan Ganz has been manning his truck for almost seven decades.

This makes him the longest-serving ice cream truck driver. He started selling in 1947 with his dad at the age of ten. He’s been doing it ever since.

Oldest Male Stripper

Twitter / @DJChiamaltalia

If you like the movie Magic Mike, then you’ll love Bernie Barker. He’s the oldest male stripper. He’s a former real estate agent and began stripping at the ripe age of 60.

He won over 40 stripping contests around the world. He originally got into it to get in shape after overcoming prostate cancer.

Most Cans Opened By A Parrot In One Minute

Twitter / @WimpyUK

Okay, this is impressive. Anything a human can do, a parrot can do better, let’s be honest. This is Zac the Macaw and he holds the world record for opening 35 cans in one minute.

Just do the math on that. That’s averaging one can in less than two seconds. I don’t even know if I could do that.

World’s Longest Legs

Twitter / @_Morganissime

Sure, you may watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and admire their legs that seem to go on forever. But, that’s because you’ve never seen Svetlana Pankratova, who holds the record for longest legs in the world.

They come in at a whopping 51.9 inches (over four feet).

Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet

Twitter / @AnythingInsane

My question to some of these records is, how do the record holders even begin to get into it? Did Nancy Siefker just wake up one day and decide to shoot a bow with her feet? I don’t get it.

She shot a target 20 feet away using just her toes. That’s impressive.

Most Guinness World Records

Photo Credit: Maxim Marmur / AFP / Getty Images

Ashrita Furman has broken more than 300 world records. From doing twenty-seven thousand jumping jacks in less than seven hours to traveling the fastest mile on a pogo stick while juggling, he’s done it all.

Today, he holds more than 120 of those records still, which is very impressive. Bravo.

Longest Wedding Dress

Twitter / @SaadiDotCom

This bride in Romania set the world record for the longest wedding dress. As you can see, it’s pretty darn long.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was a little bit extra. I’d hate to have to be the bridesmaid who is carrying the tail down the aisle.

Biggest Rubber Ducky Collection

Twitter / @Algebrainwords

Charlotte Lee, Charlotte Lee, Charlotte Lee. Just when you think you have too many rubber duckies, just think of that name.

She has collected over 5,631 of them and has been collecting since 1996. That’s quite the, uh, flock of ducks. I mean, she’ll never be lonely with all those eyes looking at her.

Most Cigarettes Smoked At One Time

Photo Credit: Carlos Schiebeck / AFP / Getty Images

With a name like Jim Mouth, you’re bound to do some crazy things. Literally. There’s nothing smart about what’s going on in this picture.

He has the world record for smoking the most cigarettes at one time. 155 was the number, all the way back in 1993. That’s dangerous and awesome at the same time.

Most Apples Held In Own Mouth And Cut By Chainsaw In One Minute

Photo Credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Okay, full disclosure, but this guy in the picture isn’t actually the world record holder, but he looks scary so I added the picture.

The world record holder for the most apples held in own mouth and cut by a chainsaw in one minute is stuntman Johnny Strange. He passed away in 2015 from a stunt he was attempting in Switzerland.