I Bet You One Million Dollars That Your Pet Peeve Is On This List

Nothing brings people together quite like hating the same thing. There’s something about sharing a pet peeve with somebody that just makes you instant friends. It’s like you have a common enemy.

There are a lot of things to dislike in this world, but I think we’ve described most of them on this list. Keep reading to see if your pet peeve made the cut.

When People Abandon Perishables In The Middle Of A Store

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I hate this so much. It’s fine if you don’t want to buy that pack of shrimp, just put it back in the freezer where you found it.

Don’t ruin the shrimp for everybody. This is a waste of perfectly good food. Now those shrimp died for nothing.

When People Pick At The Best Parts Of A Communal Food

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Ok, I am totally guilty of this one. I love the inside of pie, but the outside of pie just isn’t as good. I wouldn’t do this with strangers though. Only at my parents’ house, which may or may not be worse.

I don’t even eat the middle of the pie though. I scoop out all the apples.

When Impossible Labels Get In The Way Of How You Use The Product

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I hate sticky labels so much. Even when they don’t get in the way of the utility of a product, they still leave behind a gross residue.

How are you supposed to get that stuff off? I feel like you need some high quality acid or something.

When Store Displays Go Up Way Too Early

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Can’t I just enjoy Halloween for what it is without seeing Christmas decorations everywhere? Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. Chill out with the Christmas trees and the snow. Get back to me with all that stuff in December.

And while you’re at it, stop putting out Valentine’s Day chocolates in January.

When People Have No Concept Of Personal Space

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This is the problem with not having any nerve endings in your head hairs (at the ends of your head hairs at least). You just don’t know whose personal space they’re invading.

That’s why you have to take a little extra care not to shove your giant mane in someone’s face.

When A Website Won’t Let You Use It Until You Sign Up

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Look, I’m a big fan of Pinterest, and I had every intention of signing up for their website when I showed up there…

But when the site didn’t let me see any of the pretty interior design pictures I wanted to see before I gave them my email address, I got angry.

When Websites Force You To Create Complicated Passwords

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How in the world am I supposed to remember a password like this? I’m not a super computer. I think we all just surrender at this point.

The hackers have won. There’s no hope for the rest of us. Just take all of my private information and go.

When Your Utensils Fall In Your Food

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It’s even worse when your utensils fall into a sticky food like maple syrup. Have you ever lost a little ladle in a huge pot of hot soup?

I wish I could manage to be just a little bit less clumsy. My forks would thank me.

When Pencils Do This

Photo Credit: Imgur

Is this the pencil’s fault or the pencil sharpener’s fault? Either way, I think it’s time to invest in some mechanical lead pencils.

Or, you know, type words on a keyboard. We are living in the future, after all. We don’t have to deal with this horror anymore.

When Simple Things Are Overly-Packaged

Photo Credit: Imgur

I can’t even with this orange packaging. Oranges come with their own package! They have peels! Why would you remove the peel and put them in a plastic container?

Are you trying to destroy the environment? Think of the turtles! They don’t want these containers in their ocean.

When People Disrespect Their Toothpaste

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There are two kinds of people in this world — people who respect toothpaste, and people who don’t. I try really hard to respect toothpaste, but unfortunately, toothpaste tubes and I just don’t get along.

Sorry respectful toothpaste people. We can’t all be perfect.

When People Try To Squeeze Through An Intersection

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When there’s a lot of traffic happening, it’s best to wait until you know there’s enough room for you on the other side of the intersection. When you miss this essential step, you make a lot of other people late for work.

Seriously, do not do this.

When People Don’t Clean Up After Themselves

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It’s all well and good if you want to have a party in a public place. I don’t mind if you make noise and have fun and make a mess. That’s what public parks are for. But for the love of all that is holy, please clean up when you’re done.

This picture makes me so angry.

Um, That’s The Same Garbage

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re going to bother to have different holes for trash and recycling, you should also bother to have different garbage receptacles.

Having one big bin just defeats the purpose. Do you think any of that stuff is actually going to get recycled? Probably not.

When People Cross Your Personal Boundaries

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It’s one thing if you stand a little bit to close to me. I don’t like it, but I can deal with it. It’s a totally different thing when you put your bare feet near my face on an airplane.

I can’t get out of this seat, so you have to put some shoes on and sit down properly, thank you very much.

When Kids Don’t Live In The Real World

Photo Credit: Imgur

This kid is at a bowling alley. He could be actually bowling. Instead of bowling, he’s playing a bowling game on an iPad. Somebody please explain this to me.

Is his attention span so short that he can’t just watch his friends bowl while he’s waiting his turn?

When People Don’t Care About Patterns

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You can’t just put those hexagons into the walkway all willy nilly. It just isn’t right. If I lived on this street, this would bother me for the rest of my life.

I think I would have to move. How hard is it to match the pattern?

When People Jump To Conclusions

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Hold on there, missy. Nobody was trying to get up in your business. This guy was just asking a simple question about the project they’re working on together.

Sorry, sometimes Powerpoint presentations just need to be made. It’s a fact of life that we all have to get used to.

When You Can’t Find The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

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This one bothers me both literally and metaphorically. It sucks when you spend hours doing a puzzle only to discover that the last piece is missing.

It also sucks when you can’t figure out the last piece of information you need to solve a problem at work or in your personal life.

When People Park Like This

Photo Credit: Imgur

Just because you have a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you get to take up two parking spots. Sorry, the world just doesn’t work that way.

Learn how to park properly or get off the road. Maybe give that nice car to somebody who knows what to do with it.