Incredible Revelations About Serial Killer Robert Maudsley, The Real-Life “Hannibal The Cannibal”

Between 1974 and 1978, Robert Maudsley was a menace in the British prison system. He was unlike any other prisoner that had been held within those walls.

Not only did he kill, but he tortured and tormented fellow inmates and prison guards. The press has called him “Britain’s Most Dangerous Prisoner,” and for good reason. He’s also been referred to as the real Hannibal the Cannibal for reasons that you’re about to see. The connection isn’t a stretch by any sense of the word.

He Grew Up In An Orphanage


Before Robert Maudsley was even two years old, he was removed from the family house because of parental child abuse. He was placed in an orphanage in Liverpool, England.

The children in the orphanage often become very close to each other and with the nuns who ran the children’s home.