People Reveal Things They Thought Were Normal Growing Up, But Later Found Out Were Super Weird

Every family has their quirks. Sometimes it takes growing up and leaving your parents’ home to figure out that the way you grew up isn’t the way most people grow up. You live and you learn. Recently, people took to Reddit to talk about all the things they thought were normal when they were younger.

Keep reading to discover some of the weird and wacky things these people didn’t think twice about.

An Unconventional Tooth Fairy

Photo Credit: @PureDentalCare / Twitter

“When I lost a tooth, I put it in a jar of water in the kitchen window sill. When I woke up the next morning, my tooth would be gone and there would be a dollar bill in the water. I would run outside, lay it in the sun, and wait for it to dry.

Apparently this wasn’t normal tooth fairy shenanigans. It was a lot of fun though.” —/u/Duffle-muffin

Doesn’t Everybody Have Dress-Up Parties?

Photo Credit: @michaelametter / Twitter

“We have costume parties for everything.We recently all dressed up like cowboys because my mom was making chili.” —/u/hulagirl4737

I think this just sounds like a good time. I wish we had more costume parties when I was a kid. Chilli is a perfect occasion for a costume party.

Some Sporks Of Course

Photo Credit: @ohyessplz / Twitter

“Sporks. When I was younger we had these sporks and they were awesome. I never realized until I moved out that sporks were expensive as #*%@ and the only reason we had them was because my mom had stolen them from an elementary school.

They were metal sporks.” /u/JackBeard

Toilet Paper Is A Luxury

Photo Credit: @HighToilet / Twitter

“Wash our bums with a bowl of water after going to the washroom. My family is from India/Sri Lanka so they never really used toilet paper over there.

When I was young I thought the roll of toilet paper by the toilet was just to blow your nose while taking a dump.” /u/jamie99999991

Seeing Sounds In Color

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“Synesthesia, which means seeing sound as pretty fireworks all the time. I thought that the reason chalk on a blackboard made everyone in class cringe was because they were seeing the bright, blinding, blue light it produced that I saw.” —/u/josieprx

I wish I had synesthesia.

Not Everyone Sleeps Naked

Photo Credit: @CapricornFM / Twitter

“Sleeping buck-naked almost every night. Didn’t know that was abnormal until an AskReddit thread a few weeks back, and then I asked some of my friends. Had no idea that most people wear clothing while they’re sleeping, every single night.” —margar3t

Has this person never heard of pajamas?

That’s A Wrap

Photo Credit: @ariel_kramer / Twitter

“Wearing saran-wrap around my arms/legs to avoid creams/lotions from rubbing off when I went to school.” —/u/startin2stack

I guess this person had super dry skin. I’m not sure I’m into this saran wrap idea, though. It seems like it would be awfully restrictive. Also sweaty.

The Annual Christmas Poop

Photo Credit: @RiannePageeX / Twitter

“I’d always go downstairs on Christmas morning after opening all my presents in my parents’ bedroom, and there would be an unflushed poop in the toilet, and every year my mum would be outraged that Santa didn’t flush it.

Even used fake snow on boots to make it look like he walked in and sat down…” —/u/KingBooScaresYou

Be Very Very Quiet, Dad’s Hunting Rabbits

Photo Credit: @LCMN99 / Twitter

“My dad tried to ‘kill’ the Easter Bunny every year. He would literally run out into the yard with his gun and take a few shots. Then he would come back inside grumbling about how he would get him next year.

We thought it was both terrifying and hilarious. I didn’t realize how weird it was until I told people about that tradition later in life.” —/u/Charliegirl03

Bagged Milk Is Better

Photo Credit: @mfeatherine / Twitter

“Bagged milk. I’m from Quebec.” —/u/Statchar

That’s right, people in Ontario and Quebec buy milk in a bag. That bag goes into a special milk pitcher. Then you snip the tip of the bag and enjoy your delicious milk. I swear it stays fresher this way.

It’s A Curse

Photo Credit: @cluelessthreadz / Twitter

“I’m half-Colombian and on that side of the family, way, way back, my ancestors were the shamans of their tribe. In this case, that means they were the magic voodoo witchdoctor type that you would see in Indiana Jones, pulling hearts out of people’s chests while shouting ‘KALIMAAAAAAA.’ Anyway, that was so far back in the family history that small (I guess what you would call ‘spells)’ kind of just… stuck through the generations. For example:

So when I hit high school, I knew about these things which to me seemed normal because I had grown up with this stuff. Cut to me casually dropping this info in a conversation with friends. The looks on their faces, the fear. It quickly spread around the school I was ‘a brujera’ (Spanish for witch) and subsequently, people stayed away from me. Apparently, there’s still a girl from my graduating class that is terrified of me, thinking I’ll put a curse on her (fun fact: I never knew her, we still have never spoken, but according to mutual friends, our upcoming class reunion terrifies her).” —/u/ofrelevantinterest

Dad In The Drive-Thru

Photo Credit: @neilthaniel / Twitter

“My dad never says ‘thank you’ at the drive-thru; it’s far too easy and predictable. Instead, he likes to make up words. It essentially amounts to him being handed his bag of food, they say ‘Have a nice day!,’ and he replies ‘Ferderber’ as he drives away. Straight-faced and no looking back. His other go-to word is ‘razzle.’

I didn’t realize this was weird until I was around 16.” —/u/tsievers

Can’t See In 3D

Photo Credit: @KelsallSchool / Twitter

“I’m stereo-blind which essentially means that I don’t see in 3D. Ever. I have no depth perception. I had no idea that the world wasn’t flat-looking to everyone else. No wonder I sucked at sports as a kid.

I will say that I’ve actually seen depth once before when I was high on medication that heavily dilated my eyes. For once my pupils aligned correctly. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I really don’t know how people handle seeing 3D all the time! It was too much for me to process!” —/u/princesspontya

A Special Family Whistle

Photo Credit: @Pollyyhoney / Twitter

“Growing up, my family had a unique whistle of a few short notes. This was because (especially in the pre-cell phone era) when you’re in public and it’s time to go or you’re looking for someone in a crowd, hearing the whistle meant someone in the family was looking for you and you should go see what was up.

Having a system like that is really useful, but the first time others heard about it they were shocked I’d respond to my mom’s whistling ‘like a dog.'” —/u/Andromeda321

How Many Birthdays Does One Person Need?

Photo Credit: @_adub_13 / Twitter

“Celebrated our ‘half-birthdays’ exactly six months from our birthdays. Not a big celebration, just a small present and choosing dinner.

Had no idea how weird it was until I commented on it being my half-birthday while at school and got weird looks.” —/u/BOB0FETT

School’s Out For Summer

Photo Credit: @EcosourceGreen / Twitter

“Both my parents were teachers and it was so bizarre when I realized that my friends’ parents worked all summer.” —/u/Gogo_McSprinkles

Teachers really do have a sweet gig. We should all get summers off. But then who would run the world from May to September?

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Photo Credit: @LAist / Twitter

“In my country the electricity cuts off multiple times/day and you cant use a lot of things at once like a microwave and a washing machine at the same time or it will cut off even more.

I didn’t know this was not normal until I saw people freaking out in movies when there was a ‘power outage.'” —/u/AJMcFly

How Do You Do It?

Photo Credit: @cahill_inc / Twitter

“Apparently other people don’t wipe standing up.” —/u/PM_YOUR_BEARDS

I mean, I don’t know how you do it, but I don’t care that much if you do it standing or sitting. As long as you wash your hands, everything is cool with me. Use soap, please.

This Is A Sad One

Photo Credit: @tellywoodlove / Twitter

“Growing up, my parents (who would later divorce- surprise!) were never affectionate and I had honestly never seen a real kiss or loving moment outside of staged pictures. I remember going over to my best friend’s house and seeing her parents sit on the couch with a glass of wine after dinner, snug and happy.

I found it absolutely uncomfortable and practically inappropriate… It was like seeing two adults make out heavily in front of me. Later I realized most married couples like each other.” —/u/stabyouwithsunshine

Argyle Is Always Stylish

Photo Credit: @999hughes / Twitter

“When I lived in Paris France, in middle school (lycee), the guys wore argyle patterns on their socks because it was the cool thing to do.

When I moved to the USA in high school, wearing argyle socks was like wearing a ‘kick me’ sign.” —/u/dbx99