The Weirdest Addictions That People Actually Have Will Shake You To Your Core

I think that it’s important to start out with the fact that addiction to anything is a mental illness. Yes, some people do weird things for attention, but most of the time, whatever lights up the reward center for the brain can become addictive.

This is why there are so many things that we can get addicted to. I’ve compiled some of the weirdest ones in this article, so prepare yourself.

Pulling Hair

Twitter / @ghostlySpells
Twitter / @ghostlySpells

Addiction to hair pulling, or by its medical term, trichtillomania, is an impulse control. People have the urge to pull their hair out from either their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, wherever.

People who have this condition also usually have some sort of anxiety. Pulling their hair makes them feel better.