The Weirdest Addictions That People Actually Have Will Shake You To Your Core

I think that it’s important to start out with the fact that addiction to anything is a mental illness. Yes, some people do weird things for attention, but most of the time, whatever lights up the reward center for the brain can become addictive.

This is why there are so many things that we can get addicted to. I’ve compiled some of the weirdest ones in this article, so prepare yourself.

Pulling Hair

Twitter / @ghostlySpells

Addiction to hair pulling, or by its medical term, trichtillomania, is an impulse control. People have the urge to pull their hair out from either their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, wherever.

People who have this condition also usually have some sort of anxiety. Pulling their hair makes them feel better.

Drinking Blood

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If you don’t think there are vampires walking this earth, just wait till you hear about this addiction. Yes, drinking blood is an addiction, just ask Dracula.

A woman from Pennsylvania has drunk blood every day for the last thirty years. She says it makes her feel alive and keeps her beautiful. I just feel like there are other methods to achieve those things.

Eating Soap / Detergent


If this reminds you of the phase about kids eating Tide Pods, you’re not alone. That’s all I can think about.

But, apparently eating soap or detergent can be an addiction for some people. It’s not a good one as it can liquify your bowels and kill you.

Coffee Enemas

Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Look, I could probably write seventeen articles about what it’s like to be addicted to drinking coffee. But, coffee enemas? No thanks.

Taking caffeine through your bottom can make it absorb quicker in your bloodstream. This is why some people will opt to take drugs in their, uh, bottoms, instead of their mouths.

Rubbing Dolls On Your Face

Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

It’s fairly normal to have a weird addiction at 24 years old. Heck, it’s kind of out of the ordinary if you don’t have a weird obsession at that age.

But, a girl named Lacey takes it to another level. She has an addiction to rubbing doll heads on her face. She literally does it all day long.

Drinking Pee

Twitter / @JamaicaObserver

Some people drink their pee for “urine therapy” while others just like the taste, I guess. There’s a woman from Florida who drinks her own pee, and also uses it to wash her eyes, teeth etc.

She claims that it tastes like water and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. No thank you.

Smelling Dead Bodies


Honestly, this one weirds me out. I can handle most of the stuff on this article, but this is incredibly creepy.

Luis Squarisi is a 42-year-old Brazilian man who is addicted to smelling dead bodies. His addiction has taken over so much of his life that he ended up having to quit his job.

Eating Glass

Twitter / @greenapplefresh

There’s actually a medical term for people who are addicted to eating glass— hyalophagia. Many people who have this addiction aren’t so much fawning over the taste, but rather the attention.

They also end up sustaining serious injuries for doing it (surprise). This isn’t my first choice for a nice dinner.

Eat / Drinking Sugar


If you’re reading this one and think you’re guilty of this addiction, you’re probably not wrong. I mean, refined sugar is scientifically as addictive as many drugs.

If you don’t think your body is addicted to sugar, just try to go without it for a few weeks (that includes natural sugar). You’ll have awful anxiety, cravings, headaches, tiredness… the list goes on.

Plastic Surgery


We have all body parts that we wish looked a little different. From noses, to lashes, to boobs — it’s very normal. But, some people’s addiction to plastic surgery takes it to a different level.

They become obsessed with an imperfection and see the plastic surgery route as the only possible option.

Listening To Heavy Metal

Paul Natkin/Getty Images

We all have our own tastes in music. It’s not weird if you’re a country music guy, or a rock guy, or a pop guy. But, a man in Sweden took it to an obsessive level.

He was so addicted to heavy metal, and it took over so much of his life that he is legally allowed to qualify it as a disability. He receives unemployment benefits because of it.

Using Over-The-Counter Nasal Spray


Surprisingly, this is fairly common. Some people use nasal spray WAY too much. People will use nasal spray to clear their passages, but if you’re addicted, you will use it with no purpose.

In many cases, this will actually end up making your congestion worse. Very, very, very weird if you ask me.

Eating Ashes


Thankfully, the idea of smoking a cigarette is slowly disappearing. But, apparently eating the ash is here to stay.

Many people claim that they are addicted to eating cigarette ash. Even worse? Some people claim to like to eat the ashes of a loved one after they’ve been cremated. Yuck.


Photo by Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

It’s safe to say that having a solid work ethic is something that many employers look for. But, some people become obsessive over their work to a point of fault.

Without a work-life balance, you risk emotional disconnection in relationships and your social life will plummet significantly. Be careful with it.

Ice Cubes

Instagram / @crimesagainstshoemanity

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that many people around the world have an addiction to chewing ice cubes.

There’s an actual benefit to chewing ice cubes though. At least you’re going to be getting your daily amount of water, which I think has been upped to like seventeen thousand liters a day now.

Car Addiction


It’s pretty normal to love your car. I mean, I hope you at least LIKE your car since you probably spent a lot of money on it.

But, there’s a 27-year-old who is obsessed with his car. It’s to the point where he actually will try to have sexual relations with it. Yes, you’re reading that correctly.

Paint Chips

Twitter / @Emicrisitina1010

Have you ever looked at a painted wall and gotten a little hungry? Well, me neither, but apparently it’s a thing.

Some people pass on Lays chips, pass on Doritos, but eat paint chips. It’s obviously pretty terrible for you, so don’t do it. Often time addiction starts when you’re a young kid just experimenting.

Social Media


If you have any form of social media, this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. I mean, the platforms are literally designed to be as addictive as crack.

Social media addiction can have a seriously negative impact on someone life. If they try to quit SM, it can have lasting psychological damage to them.

Snorting Baby Powder

Twitter / @SurvivorNet

Snorting white powder is unfortunately fairly normal in some groups of friends. I don’t think I need to elaborate. But, a 28-year-old named Jaye is putting a new twist on it.

She snorts baby powder at least 10 times a day. She developed this addiction over 16 years ago. Yikes.



There are people who have a serious addiction to balloons. One man named Julius from Michigan has over fifty thousand balloons.

He’s been collecting them for decades now and says that he keeps them for sexual desires. I don’t know what that means exactly and I don’t want to know.