These Totally Normal Things Are Banned In Russia

Even though Russia seems to have their hands in conflicts around the globe, they also like to carefully control what their citizens can do. While nearly every country around the world has basic laws, some of Russia’s are pretty outrageous.

Russia doesn’t just stop at internet censorship and human rights violations — they even hold grudges against seemingly normal things like rap music and French cheese. Quite a few of these banned items are only banned because Putin doesn’t like them! Read on to find out what could land you a night in jail in Russia.

House Of Cards

banned in russia 2

Don’t even think about watching one of Netflix’s most beloved political television series’ if you’re in Russia. If you’ve watched the show you might have noticed that the character playing the Russian president looks eerily similar to a certain oligarch currently in control.

Russia hates the show because of the portrayal and has banned it. Two episodes were even supposed to be filmed in the UN chambers but Russian representatives opposed it.