True Stories About The Weirdest Ways People Have Died And I’m Buying Bubblewrap ASAP

Although death isn’t usually all that funny, there are specific cases when it warrants at least a small chuckle. Let’s be honest, some people die in VERY weird ways. These are the unlucky of the unlucky.

There are actually prizes awarded to people who died in the weirdest way every year. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most bizarre deaths, and I’m not going to lie, they’re incredible.

Death By Wedgie

Twitter / @rhettandlink
Twitter / @rhettandlink

There are some really embarrassing ways to die. I know people don’t look at death as embarrassing, but sometimes it’s warranted.

A dad in 2013 was play-fighting with his stepson and got wedgied so hard he ended up dying. The official cause of death was asphyxiation because his underwear had been pulled over his head.