True Stories About The Weirdest Ways People Have Died And I’m Buying Bubblewrap ASAP

Although death isn’t usually all that funny, there are specific cases when it warrants at least a small chuckle. Let’s be honest, some people die in VERY weird ways. These are the unlucky of the unlucky.

There are actually prizes awarded to people who died in the weirdest way every year. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most bizarre deaths, and I’m not going to lie, they’re incredible.

Death By Wedgie

Twitter / @rhettandlink

There are some really embarrassing ways to die. I know people don’t look at death as embarrassing, but sometimes it’s warranted.

A dad in 2013 was play-fighting with his stepson and got wedgied so hard he ended up dying. The official cause of death was asphyxiation because his underwear had been pulled over his head.

Apparently Not Unbreakable

Photo Credit: Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

You have to feel for this next guy. A Toronto lawyer fell 24 stories to his death after falling through the glass of his office.

The weird part was that he was showing people how unbreakable the glass was by running and jumping at it. Let’s just say he won’t be doing that again.

Shot To The Heart, And You’re To Blame

Twitter / @fulfordgolfclub

If you’re as bad at golf as I am, you know the frustrations that come from playing a round. Honestly, it makes my blood pressure go up tenfold.

In 1994, Jeremy Brenno died after he struck a bench with his club. It broke and ended up piercing his heart.

Slither Slither

Twitter / @deletesanders

In 2013, a Japanese man began to slither on the floor claiming that he was a snake. He ended up dying due to bite wounds.

No, not from another snake, but from his dad, who bit him to try to “drive out” the snake that was possessing his son. Yikes.

Lava Lamped


Lava lamps are cool and all, but maybe don’t put them on an oven. That’s never going to be a good idea.

A 24-year-old man died when he put a lava lamp on a heated stove. It shattered and a shard ended up piercing his heart. Ouch.

Tampon Nose

Twitter / @boonontrxsh

If you have to sleep beside someone who snores, you know that it’s awful. They’re sleeping perfectly fine while you’re tossing and turning listening to a chainsaw go off beside you.

Mark Gleeson tried to stop his snoring by putting tampons in his nose. Not only did it stop the snoring, it stopped his breathing too. He suffocated himself.

Too Close To The Edge

Twitter / @perfectionvalet

Imagine being kileld by your own invention. On one hand, that’s pretty cool I guess. On the other, that’s not cool at all.

In 2010, Jim Heselden died when he drove one of his own Segway inventions off of a cliff by accident. At the time he was the owner of Segway Inc.

Too Much Vitamin A


Something that I certainly won’t have to worry about is getting TOO many vitamins into my system. Apparently, that’s what a 48-year-old British man should’ve been worrying about.

He consumed ten gallons of carrot juice over the course of 10 days and ended up overdosing on Vitamin A.

Double Trouble


This next one is almost too insane to be real. In 2011, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov suffered a heart attack. She was wrongly pronounced dead and woke up at her own funeral in Russia.

When she opened the coffin and saw what was happening, she suffered another heart attack and died. Yikes.

What A Great Trial Lawyer

Twitter / @matt_donnell

Talk about making a case. In 1871, an Ohio lawyer was defending his client who was charged with murder.

While showing the court how the victim might have accidentally shot himself, the lawyer pulled the trigger and ended up killing himself. It’s worth noting that he did win the case.

He’s Trippin’


Beards are coming back into style. But in the 1500s, they were huge. Everyone who could grow one did.

In 1567, Hans Steininger, the mayor of a town in Austria, died when he tripped over his own beard. It was allegedly 1.4 meters long at the time and he normally kept it rolled up.

The Bigger The Better


In 1927, a famous dancer died when her long scarf wrapped around the wheel of the car. They crashed and she broke her neck.

Now, this should be a lesson to everyone that thinks they should be buying massive scarves. They’re unnecessary and not needed. A small scarf is fine.

Holding It In Too Long

Twitter / @mentalfloss

You know those situations when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but you don’t want to be rude? Well, this should be a lesson for us all.

A Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe died because he held in his pee during a banquet and died a few weeks later.

Just Roached


First of all, you have to be crazy to eat one cockroach, not to mention going into a contest to see how many you can eat.

In 2012, Edward Archbold died after winning that cockroach competition. The official cause of death was accidental choking due to “arthropod body parts”.

Okay, This Is Too Real


You know that rumor that was going around about Heath Ledger and how he got too into his role playing the Joker?

Well, a British actor died of a heart attack while shooting a live TV play in which he was supposed to have a heart attack. This method acting is too much.

King Who Ate Himself To Death


There are points in all of our lives when we think that we could potentially die because we ate a big meal. I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving dinner.

But, in 1771, the King of Sweden ate a massive meal that he couldn’t digest. Those digestion problems ended up killing him and now he’s known as the “king who ate himself to death”.

Filmed His Own Death

Photo Credit: Skydive Dubai/Getty Images

Most people want to capture every moment while they’re skydiving. One man was so caught up in making sure that he had his camera ready that he forgot about other things going on around him.

He jumped out of the plane and noticed he had his camera, but forgot his parachute. He ended up filming his own death.

I See The Light

Twitter / @TrishTWDReedus

A burglar was robbing a store when he saw police in the front window. He tried to escape through the ceiling so he put a flashlight into his mouth so he could see.

He ended up falling through the ceiling and the flashlight cracked his skull nearly in half. Gross.

Croc’s Away


This one is a barn burner. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, 20 crew and passengers died in a plane crash when a crocodile being smuggled by a traveler in a sports bag got out.

The panicked passengers all ran towards the flight deck and the tiny plane unbalanced and crashed. The crocodile and one other passenger survived.

Such A Donkey


In 207 BC, Greek philospher Chrysippus died laughing after getting his donkey drunk on wine and watching it try to eat figs.

If you’ve ever had to be a DD for your drunk friends, you know that this could easily happen. Drunk people are one of a kind and it’s incredible to be able to watch them in their, uh, natural habitat.