We Bet You Have No Idea These Things Actually Have A Name

The internet recently exploded into a heated debate about what the end piece of a loaf of bread is called. By the end of it the internet had compiled 24 different “names” for the end of the loaf including (but not limited to) knobby, crust, butt, and doorstep. By the end, most people accepted that the word “heel” to be the proper name for the end slice.

The debate makes you stop and think about how many other things in the world have a real name that no one actually uses. Well, we’ve done the homework and collected a list of things you might not realize have an actual term to describe them. Read on and impress all your friends at the next trivia night.

“Petrichor” Is The Smell Of Rain

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The term “petrichor” is a combination of the Greek word “Petra” which means stone, and “ichor” which means blood of the gods. Australian researchers coined the term way back in 1964 and then it finally became a word in 2011 after a Doctor Who episode used it.

There’s a distinct smell to a rainy day that’s sometimes hard to explain. In New York, it might just smell like sewers and rats, but in a small town, it might smell like a fresh new day is about to start.