Abandoned Disney Attractions Forgotten Through Time

You’re in Orlando, Florida, and have just walked into the happiest place on earth — Walt Disney World. You walk down Magic Kingdom’s Main Street and see Mickey Mouse on your right, smell fried foods coming from three-blocks down, and hear the music starting for a princess sing-a-long. Everything is bright, clean, and happy.

But what about those attractions that now hide in the shadows? Forgotten, overtaken by shrubbery, cobwebs, and lost in the past? Take a stroll down memory lane with these abandoned and extinct Disney attractions.

River Country

Walt Disney World opened its first water park in the summer of 1976. Slides are still in place, pools are full of water, and park rules are still visible from the shores of Bay Lake. The only problem is that River Country has been completely abandoned since 2005 — guess that means no lifeguards are on duty.

Jordyn Jimenez / Pinterest
Jordyn Jimenez / Pinterest

Weirdly, Disney never gave an official statement as to why they shut down the park, and the silence led to many conspiracies theories. Deadly amoebas are at the top of the list. Gross.