Authorities Discover The Truth Behind A Young Boy’s Disappearance After The Father Makes A Confession

For some, there’s nothing better than escaping into the wild for a little while. For 18-year-old Austin and his stepfather, hiking was one of the best ways they spent their time together. However, that all changed when Austin became lost in the woods. Things seemed strange when the stepfather didn’t report him missing right away. As it turns out, there was a reason he wanted to keep things quiet. Read on to discover what they were really doing in the forest, and how authorities managed to find Austin almost two weeks later.

A Love For The Great Outdoors

A sign for a national park is near the road underneath autumn trees.

It’s not always easy for a stepfather and his stepson to bond over a common hobby. Lucky for eighteen-year-old Austin, he and his stepfather both loved spending time outdoors. The two would frequent the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee since it wasn’t far from their home.

They hiked together often, so the nearby trails had become familiar to both. Despite being experienced outdoorsman, things can sometimes go unexpectedly wrong. That’s exactly what happened next.