Hundreds Of Bottles Found On The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea Unraveled Some Fascinating History

The ocean is full of treasures, and teams of divers spend their lives uncovering the mysteries. One such organization is the Ocean X dive team who explores the Baltic sea and its wrecks.

In 1997, they found thousands of bottles of vintage champagne. Then, in 2012, a weird large mass. And finally, in 2014, a sunken Swedish cargo ship containing 900 bottles of a rare substance. The only thing is, the team wasn’t ready to learn the history behind the vessel; are you?

Ocean X Divers Are No Strangers To The Mysteries Of The Sea

Ocean X Divers Are No Stranger To The Mysteries Of The Sea

The diving team of Ocean X is no stranger to the mysteries of the sea. They are truly modern-day treasure hunters, after all! They’re used to dragging things up from the bottom of the ocean only to discover they’ve located something completely extraordinary.

With a mission statement saying that their goal is to “explore the ocean and bring it back to the world,” you better believe that’s exactly what they do.