Pro Snowboarder Turned A ‘Dungeon’ Into A Luxury Apartment: See The Before-And-After Photos

While many of us have heard the phrase “turning lemons into lemonade,” few have lived it out as fully as Jamie Barrow. When an injury brought his snowboarding career to a screeching halt, Jamie found a way to use his talents in other ways. He even landed a spot in Guinness World Records! When he isn’t traveling around the world and showing off his stunts, he’s renovating homes. See how this daredevil turned a crumbling, hazardous “dungeon” in Bath into a luxury apartment worth more than half a million dollars!

Meet Jamie


Jamie Barrow is a young adventurer who knows a thing or two about living large. He loves to travel, posting photos taken all over the world to his social media. He’s ventured throughout Switzerland, Spain, France, Austria, and more.

The athletic explorer can be seen hiking, swimming, and snowboarding through gorgeous landscapes. There was one challenge that Jamie had to stay in place for to complete: he decided to purchase a property that many wouldn’t dare to take on.