Halloween In Japan Is Unlike Anything You’d Expect

In Japan, you’re not likely to get the same traditional Halloween experience you grew up with in America. Sure, there’s dressing up in costume but the Japanese people take this idea to a whole new level. You may not see people go up to their neighbor’s door to ask for candy (it’d actually be frowned upon), but you will see people flocking the streets of Tokyo for an all night party! For how hard the Japanese celebrate Halloween, it’s surprising that they only started doing so in the last ten years. Here are some of the craziest things that have come of it.

Halloween In Japan Was Influenced By American Pop Culture

RIE ISHII/AFP/Getty Images
RIE ISHII/AFP/Getty Images

If we had to guess what these women are dressed as, we’d say they’re vampire geishas. They mixed their own culture with elements of Halloween by adding fangs and drawing spider webs on their eyes. Not sure what’s going on with that Spider-Man mask, though.

Japanese Halloween Fact: Halloween wasn’t celebrated in Japan until recently. In 2009, nobody in Japan acknowledged the holiday and it was only celebrated by expats. But through them and by way of American pop culture in recent years, Halloween has become more popular among Japanese young adults.