This Expectant Mom’s Unbelievable Pregnancy Only Happens Once Every 500 Years

When expecting, all you want to know is that everything will be alright, and that nothing is out of the ordinary. But 23-year-old Alexandra experienced the exact opposite. Doctors had never before seen a case like hers, but would be by her side the entire way through. The further along her pregnancy went, the more surprises kept coming up. In the end, though, it all was for the best as she defied the odds at every turn. Read on to see what this woman’s incredible pregnancy journey looked like.

Meet The Expecting Couple


23-year-old Alexandra Kinova and her husband, Antonin Kroščen, were ecstatic to hear that they were expecting. Though the Czech couple already had a son, they were looking forward to expanding their family.

The couple lives in the town of Milovice, a couple of miles from Prague. Since Alexandra had been pregnant before, she thought she knew what to expect. As it turned out, she had no idea what she was in for, and Antonin was also clueless.