This Mother Had A Sneaking Suspicion She’d Met Her Daughter’s FiancĂ© Somewhere Before

After he messaged her on Facebook, Heidi quickly fell for Ed. Dating for four years, he finally proposed and scheduled a nice dinner to tell their parents. The thing was, Heidi’s mom kept staring at Ed like she’d seen him before.

What she found stored away in an old photo album was unbelievable.

It All Started At University

Heidi Savitt/Facebook
Heidi Savitt/Facebook

Heidi met Ed Savitt while the two of them were studying at university. After dating throughout school, the two love birds moved to London together. It didn’t take long for Ed to get down on one knee and ask his long-time girlfriend to marry him.

Then the two decided it was time to meet each other’s parents. Little did they know that things were about to get a bit weird.