This Woman Thought She Bought A Paperweight, Then She Looked Inside

When Jessica Roberts stopped by a yard sale with her son, she knew she had come across a unique item worth buying. Little did she know just how unusual her “paperweight” really was. It would be years before Jessica would discover what she had really purchased. As if by fate, she spotted almost the same item online, but this one was listed as something else entirely. Jessica decided to do some investigating, and before long, she was on a mission to find the true owner.

An Average Yard Sale

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Jessica Roberts was out and about with her son when they stumbled upon a yard sale. They decided to take a moment to look through the items on sale in case anything jumped out at them.

There was one thing that appealed to Jessica’s son because he thought it would make a nice gift for his mother. He asked her if she would buy it for him, so he could give it to her later.