Self-Proclaimed “Ugly Ducklings” Show How They’ve Evolved Throughout The Years

When people finish puberty in their teens, their appearance drastically changes. But puberty isn’t the only change in life. Many people worked on themselves later, so that they looked younger in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s. These self-proclaimed “ugly ducklings” boosted their health and confidence to transform their lives. Their transformations are truly inspirational!

Same Smirk, Different Style

At age 15, this woman had no idea what she would look like at age 30. Little did she expect that she now appears younger! Despite her style changes, her smirk has remained the same.

Weight loss improved her appearance, but so did a style makeover and a self-esteem boost. She, and many others on this list, prove that you are never too old to rock colored hair. If anything, the second picture looks like a different color palette than the first photo!

Grooming Makes An Enormous Difference

Weight management is only one aspect of caring for your body. For this Redditor, grooming was another essential part. “[I] went through a weight loss journey and learnt how to look after and groom myself,” he wrote.

From age 18 to 23, he learned to dress well, style his hair, and groom his beard. He also seems to have jumped from glasses to contacts. People often feel their best when they care for their hair, skin, and body, and that seems to be the case here.

Only Two Years Later

Self-transformations do not need to take long. This man began his weight loss journey in 2019. Now in 2021, he is more fit and confident than he’s ever been.

Although he could not visit gyms due to the pandemic, he did “push-ups and a lot of calisthenic workouts” in his home. He hopes to join the military one day. Not only is he closer to that goal, but he also feels better “not just physically but just spiritually.” Go Raichu!

From Moderate To Model

Many models begin their careers during their teens. But this Redditor needed a glow-up first. He lost 100 pounds, took care of his skin, and get a new haircut. Now, he models full-time!

In the comments, the user admitted that “being a broke college student” forced him to diet. But it clearly worked in his favor. Five years after beginning his transformation, he now works in a career that he never imagined getting. What could be more inspiring?

Sometimes, Older Can Be Better

Looking at these two photos, you might believe this woman stepped into the fountain of youth. But the opposite is true. In the first picture, she’s 27; in the second, she’s 37!

How did she manage to look younger and healthier? When asked, the poster said: “Got therapy, got confidence, lost 60 pounds, got an exercise routine, dyed my hair blonde, and finally learned how to do makeup a year ago. But most importantly, and encompassing all of that, learned to be kinder to myself.”

Insecure To Confident

This man was 17 in the first photo, and he was overweight. By age 25, he lost weight, but also gained something more important: confidence. He appears much more confident and comfortable in the second photo.

When he posted this to Reddit, the man said, “‘when I loved pizza & was insecure’ versus ‘still love pizza & learned to love myself.'” Although he looks like a different person, he is still himself– but glowing much more.

Ten Years After They Met

This Redditor didn’t just post a glow-up; he told a romantic story. When he was 21, he met a woman at a college party. She later became his girlfriend. Ten years later, they’re both 31 and took a photo with the same pose at a friend’s wedding.

This couple not only received “better hairstyle choices,” as the poster claimed. They also seem healthier and more put-together. Both seem to work well as a couple because they have improved together over ten years.

She’s Not Even Recognizable

If you didn’t know that these were transformation photos, would you have guessed that these two ladies are the same person? This woman claims that her nickname used to be “uglie,” but she motivated herself to improve.

Not only did she lose weight, but she also learned how to apply makeup “via YouTube.” She also experimented with her hair and clothing styles to find what worked best. The result is a much more vibrant, confident woman.

A Few Years Makes A Big Difference

A few years can make an enormous difference. In the first photo, this woman is 18 years old. In the second, she’s 21. Her weight loss is her “proudest achievement,” and you can see her glowing more.

According to the poster, she has been smiling more and taking more pictures since losing weight. And she should be proud! Losing weight is a huge accomplishment, and everyone should feel comfortable and happy with how they look.

Close To 40 And Looking Fabulous

Aging doesn’t guarantee wrinkles, greying, or less beauty. Some people age gracefully, especially when they care for themselves and improve their self-esteem. Believe it or not, this woman is 38 in the second picture.

She lost 200 pounds, grew out her hair, and gained conviction. Arguably, she looks younger now than she did at 16. A common myth says that peoples’ lives worsen after college. But people like her give us hope that future decades will go uphill, not downhill.

His Bullies Are Now Eating Their Words

Ten years can make an enormous difference, especially for this man. In his reddit post, he claimed that people used to call him “Cheeks.” Now, old peers are re-introducing themselves to him because they don’t recognize him.

For some people, spite is enough of a motivator to change. But he also gained benefits for himself. You can see the higher self-love in his posture change alone. In the comments, he claimed that he lost 30 pounds. Well done!

Can You Believe She Cuts Her Own Hair?

Between ages 13 and 26, this woman improved many aspects of herself. She shed her braces, lost weight, developed a love of fashion, and improved her hair. Believe it or not, she cut her own hair in both pictures!

While weight loss made a clear difference here, she made many other changes in this glow-up. She embraced her natural curly hair, smiled more confidently, and appeared happier overall. Many people feel more self-assured when they become adults.

Over 220 Pounds Shed

At age 19, this man weighed 410 pounds. But he worked on weight loss, and after five years, he dropped to 190 pounds! He posted his transformation to Reddit in 2020, and it inspired many people.

He credits a strict exercise routine, steamed vegetables, and portion control for his transformation. He also feels more confident and enjoys spending time at the gym. The best part? He models and acts now. His name is Broderick Hunter, and he has 276,000 followers on Instagram.

The Motorbike Isn’t The Only Difference

In her Reddit post, this woman mentioned that she “always dreamed of owning a motorbike.” But the bike isn’t the only difference here. Between ages 14 and 28, she transformed her style, dyed her hair, and lost weight.

This woman appears younger than she did at 14! But despite the transformation, her punk style has remained the same. It proves that people don’t change during glow-ups; they learn to express themselves. That is arguably the best part.

Transformative Teen Years

Many people emerge from their cocoons well into their 20s and 30s. But this determined woman transformed during her teen years. The difference you see is from age 15 to 19.

Not only did she lose 90 pounds, but she also cleared up her skin through Accutane and a healthy skincare routine. These skill sets will follow her throughout adulthood. Compared to many adults, she is way ahead of the curve in terms of self-care.

Learning What To Keep

Part of self-improvement is learning what to keep and what to toss. During this man’s journey, he lost his glasses and some weight. But he “kept the nerdiness and over-optimism.”

From ages 18 to 28, you can see a noticeable difference. His personality might not have changed, but it became enhanced through healthy habits. He also grew a lot more hair, which, for some people, boosts their confidence. This is an ideal example of contemplating “more of this, less of that.”

Many Don’t Recognize Her

These two photos might look like ten years’ worth of difference, but they’re actually five. In the first one, she’s 19, and in the second, she’s 24. She wrote, “People don’t believe me when I show them my ID.”

This transformation is drastic, and it required everything from weight loss to skincare to hair dye. No wonder people get confused when they look at her ID. On the bright side, that is a source of pride, not shame.

Confident For The Camera

If you’re wondering why his hair grew longer, there’s a reason. This man gave himself a challenge: he would not cut his hair until he lost his goal weight. He clearly achieved it!

“Through dieting and boxing I managed to change my life around, and now whenever a camera is pointed at me, I don’t feel ashamed or insecure,” the Redditor wrote. We do not know if he cut his hair after losing weight.

Barely Recognizable

After years of self-improvement, some people look like an enhanced version of themselves. But this woman looks like a different person. Her haircut, style, and makeup are entirely different than when she was 17.

Not only did she lose weight, but she also got contacts and learned how to apply makeup–not to cover herself, but to enhance her facial structure. She said that she feels much happier now, after three years of working on herself.

A PhD And A Glow-Up

This man didn’t just work on his appearance; he improved his living situation and education. In the first photo, he was 25, a college dropout who lived out of his car. In the second photo, he was about to finish his PhD in Pharmacology at age 33.

Some people believe that they’re too old to change, but you never are. Nobody “misses” their chance at college or their dream career. Take it from these people, who boost their lives as well as their appearances!