Romanian Scientists Construct A Real Flying Saucer, But It’s Not The First Of Its Kind

When most people think about aliens, they think about large-headed beings with big black eyes who fly down in unique saucer-shaped spaceships. The concept of the flying saucer and its connection with aliens was mostly a product of science fiction until two Romanian scientists built one of the vehicles for themselves. Take a look at how they constructed their creation, the inspiration behind it, and intriguing stories of supposed UFO sightings throughout history.

Incredible Video Footage

Saucer hovering

In August 2019, a video that went viral was uploaded to YouTube. It showed what appeared to be footage of a flying saucer. The object looked like a UFO right out of a science fiction movie as it was circular, was capable of flying in all directions, and could make extreme maneuvers in the sky.

Although the flying saucer looked like it was ready to fly off to an alien planet, that’s not what its creators intended for it to do.