Scientists Were Left In Awe After Making This Rare Discovery

From 1983 until 2009, Sri Lanka was embattled in a civil war. During this time, the country’s ability to explore the oceans and learn about the animals living offshore was severely stunted. That made Asha de Vos’ exploration beginning in 2008 all the more exciting. With her team, the young scientist was going to study the population of blue whales that frequented the Sri Lankan coast. What they ended up finding was beyond anything they could have imagined. What did they find and how did it change their understanding of the aquatic ecosystem? Read on to find out!

The End Of The War Allowed For Ocean Exploration

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Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

While Sri Lanka fought a civil war for nearly 30 years, scientists and scholars were unable to properly explore the waters surrounding their island nation. As a result, the oceans near the coast were relatively uninvestigated.

What mysteries could still be waiting in the deep, yet to be discovered? When Asha de Vos led her team offshore, they weren’t looking for new discoveries. Sometimes life surprises you, though, and the surprise they received turned out to be a life-changing experience.