Man Gave Necklace To Girlfriend, And She Wore It For Nearly Two Years Without Knowing It Carried A Secret

Whether the perfect gift is found by hitting up every store in the mall or by making something DIY, most of us would go to great lengths to surprise someone who’s dear to our hearts. They say that “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to presents. If that’s true, you’re about to meet one of the best gift-givers in history. Read on to find out what this man gave his girlfriend and the secret he hid inside it.

One Year Into Their Relationship

Anna and Terry, who live in Australia, had been dating for a year. They were friends for nearly four years before things got romantic, so clearly they got along pretty fabulously.

anna and terry

Things were going very well for the couple as they approached their one-year anniversary, and to mark the special occasion, Terry wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a gift that would absolutely amaze her. He carefully planned out what he was going to do for Anna.