Secret Rooms That Are Hidden In Clever Ways

Secret rooms are a luxury that most of us don’t live with. However, for some homeowners, the privacy and mystery that a secret room offers were too much to resist. When it comes to hiding prized possessions, sneaking off to a place where no one can find you, or simply having a room that guests will be in awe of, secret spaces are the perfect solution. Builders have become more innovative over the years. Trickster baseboards are nothing compared to the hidden pool, sunken table, and various other secret spots these homes have cleverly been designed with. Let’s take a look at some smartly disguised rooms.

The Hidden Stairwell

A living room floor is cutout and lifted to reveal a hidden staircase.

Apart from a section of the floor being lifted up, this living room looks relatively average. You can see that the homeowners have installed a latch to hold up the part of the floor that acts as a door when they want access to their secret staircase.

However, if you were visiting and the floor was closed, you’d probably overlook that an entrance was even there. Especially considering how glossy the floors are, it would be easy to overlooks a slight outline where the door may be visible.