Simplify Your Life With These Hair Dryer Hacks

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is right in front of our eyes. We just don’t always think to look in obvious places. For example, many of us know how great hair dryers are from a beauty perspective — after all, this is a must-have tool for drying and styling hair.

But it turns out that hair dryers can be used for a lot of different purposes beyond keeping your tresses looking stylish. Keep reading to learn some genius ways you can use your blow dryer to help solve some aggravating household problems, from removing stubborn stickers to erasing stains from wooden furniture.

Remove Heat Stains From Wood

heat stain
YouTube/angela chao
YouTube/angela chao

If you’ve ever set a too-hot dish on a wooden table, you’ve probably seen what a heat stain looks like. It’s a white mark that won’t wipe away no matter how long you work at it. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to get rid of these marks for good.

Just take a hair dryer and hold it over the spot. You’ll want to hold it at close range over each area for a few seconds before moving away and coming back to it. It will take some time but eventually, the white stain will be completely gone.