Solving These Brain Teasers Will Prove You’re Super Smart

Are you the smartest person you know? Want to prove it? There are thousands of worthy brain teasers on the internet but only a handful that you can solve without printing out the puzzle and using a pencil and a piece of paper to reach the answer. We scoured the internet and uncovered some of the most viral brain teasers that have fooled a lot of very smart people.

We are challenging you to look at each puzzle and solve them before revealing the answer in the next slide. Want to really test yourself? Set a 2-minute time limit for each brain teaser. Share your results with friends and see who has the best problem-solving skills among your group.

What Parking Spot Is This Car In?

Math puzzles are some of the hardest to solve. When our teachers told us we would use math in everyday life, we didn’t think that would mean all of those times when our friends shared this type of puzzle on their Facebook newsfeed. If you’re good with numbers, a problem solver, and enjoy a good joke, this is a fun puzzle to solve. It really shouldn’t take you more than 60 seconds so set a timer and get started. If you don’t get it. you’re not alone because it’s a bit tricky. The answer to this mathematical brain teaser is found in the next slide.