Teenager Survives After Having A Ten-Inch Knife Removed From His Brain


In Bourbon County, Kansas, 15-year-old Eli Gregg was playing with his friends out front when his mom heard him scream. While Eli’s mother figured it was nothing out of the ordinary, she was shocked to see a ten-inch knife perturbing from his face.

Supposedly, Eli had been holding the knife when he fell and the knife became lodged in his face. The blade had become embedded in his skull, although the tip of the blade luckily stopped right at his carotid artery.

Eli’s mother commented: “It was instant. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, call 911. This is bad […] I’m not even sure exactly how it happened at this point… but… yeah… it was scary.”He was rushed to a children’s hospital, but the doctors were afraid that touching the knife might have resulted in a stroke or other serious brain damage.

So, he was taken to the University of Kansas Health System where Dr. Koji Ebersole helped to remove the knife. Apparently, Eli wouldn’t have survived the ordeal even if there was a pound more force. According to Ebersole, even the slightest tear or cut would have led to massive bleeding that would have been fatal.

Using balloons and catheters to control the bleeding, Ebersole and his team used vice grips to remove the knife from Eli’s skull. The procedure was successful, and Eli is now expected to make a full recovery. Although it is assumed he will be just fine, doctors are still keeping a watchful eye on his wound and looking for signs of infection.