After Adopting A Puppy, This Couple Took Her Back And Asked For Another Pet

Christina and Vincent always knew that they wanted to start a family together, especially once they became engaged. But having children was a commitment they weren’t sure they were ready for yet, so the next best option was to adopt a pet.

They instantly fell in love with a beautiful Tamaskan husky puppy named Raven. They thought she was the perfect addition to their family but it wasn’t long before they had a change of heart. A month later, they returned to the shelter with Raven and made a strange request…

Starting A Future Together

a portrait of christina and vincent

This is Christina and Vincent. The couple knew that they were made for each other and couldn’t wait to start their lives together. They always envisioned some additions to their little family in the future and the moment they got engaged, it seemed that that future was starting to become a reality.

Of course, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to starting a family, especially for a young couple like themselves.