Couple Takes In Emaciated, Homeless Husky And Are Astonished At His Transformation

Around 70 million stray animals roam the United States and of that number, only six to eight million of them reportedly end up in shelters. Not every stray animal is so lucky to end up in a shelter and when that is the case, their fates are unknowable and almost hopeless.

Such was the case for a young husky found roaming the streets of Houston. After a couple decided to take him in, they started to see the dog he really was.

A Stray Husky Was In Need Of A Home

One woman and her husband saw a friend’s Facebook post about a stray husky in her neighborhood during November of 2015. The friend took the dog in but asked if anyone would be able to give him a home.

The husband, who grew up with huskies, immediately obliged. The couple went to the friend’s house to meet the homeless husky, but when they got there, they noticed something that was quite odd.