Does Your Dog Hate Wearing A Halloween Costume?

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you've got your own costume figured out the next logical step is to make sure your pup is ready for the occasion. However, research shows that pets might not actually love wearing a costume, despite how relaxed they might seem when you dress them up.

Although our pets usually comply, professor Alexandra Horowitz believes they only might be doing so for our benefit.

"It pays off for them because we eventually give them the treat, the attention, the love. Dogs certainly have learned to endure small discomforts for our pleasure," Horowitz told "Mental Floss."

According to her, the wolf-like ancestors of dogs would use "body covering" as a form of reprimand. This means dogs may be genetically disposed to believe a costume is a form of being corrected.

"If they duck to get away, keep their tail low or ears back, or generally keep their body tight and low, that's submissive, appeasement behavior," said Horowitz.

She suggests keeping an eye on your pets to see if there are any signs of duress and make sure they're as comfortable as possible. If you absolutely have to dress them up, try to ease their stress by choosing a less constrictive costume.

Be sure to reward your pet's inevitable Instagram photoshoot with some treats. You know they deserve them for putting up with us and our needs to make them even more adorable.