People Are Hilariously Shaming Their Fish For Misbehaving

There are a huge number of passionate pet communities out there. When dogs were being shamed for their mischievous behavior their owners were quick to shame them for it. Since the internet is a massive place, fish people are now hopping on the bandwagon and shaming their naughty fish. Or, should we say, swimming onto the bandboat in this case.

Please note that pets are like kids, so when they misbehave a lot of the time it’s because their owners are doing something wrong. Like many great supervillains, maybe these naughty fish are just misunderstood.

This Fish Who Watched SAW Too Many Times

fish in tank with a jacko lantern
Photo Credit: snapshotnimbus / Tumblr
Photo Credit: snapshotnimbus / Tumblr

There’s no way to prepare yourself for what this fish did because it’s so wild. Sure, we’ve heard of fish eating other fish in the tank and for the most part, it’s understandable because of limited space or territory issues. But to eat only a part of it and then save the rest for later? That’s straight out of a horror movie.

Hopefully, the aunt will have better luck with this little fish. All she needs to do is wean it off of the SAW and Scream and introduce it to a little Disney. May we recommend The Little Mermaid? Flounder would be a good influence.