Family Adopts What They Think Is A Rare Puppy But Turns Out To Be Something Else Entirely

To complete their family, a lot of people decide to adopt a dog, which is the most popular pet in the world. One family took the leap and decided to adopt a dog. They chose what they were told was a specialized breed, and they couldn’t have been more excited about the newest addition to their family. However, as time went on, their excitement over their new puppy quickly turned to fear as they realized something unusual about their new pet.

Ready For A Dog

Greenland puppy
Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Su Yun and her family lived in a southwest Province in Kunming City, China. Su Yun was a hardworking mother who had a full life raising her two children with her husband. Although they were an average family, that was all about to change when Su Yun thought that the family was in need of a dog.

Little did the family know that this decision would change their lives forever, eventually making headlines, and in turn, making the family famous.