San Francisco Woman Feeds Birds And Receives Gifts In Return

Crow flying
Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images
Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

A few years back, San Francisco resident Melinda Green began noticing a group of crows like to rest on her fire escape in the Marina District. While most people might find the presence of crows less than desirable, Green decided to welcome the birds with open arms.

Knowing they were there to rest, Green thought she might as well feed them while they were hanging out there. So, she started putting food out whenever she would see them. She did it because she simply liked to watch them, not expecting anything in return. However, the birds had something else in mind.

One day, a bird returned to the fire escape with something in its mouth, placing it where Green would be able to reach. It was the foil from the top of a champagne bottle, something shiny that would catch the eye of the crow, and it brought it back to Green as a form of payment.

At first, Green thought that maybe it was a coincidence and that the foil wasn't actually meant for her, yet the gifts kept coming. After she received the foil, the birds started bringing an assortment of objects to the fire escape such as colorful rocks, gummy bears, nuts, and bones. Recently, they brought her an unusual metal piece with a unique design that they must have figured Green would enjoy.

Over the years, Green has watched the birds come and go, with a few of them even starting families. She has noticed that crows aren't all that different from humans when it comes to raising their young and hopes the birds will enjoy her fire escape for generations to come.