Surprising Facts We Learned From The Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is full of surprises. Animals have evolved to perfectly suit their surroundings, from the way they communicate to the food that they eat to the way they find a mate.

Some animal behaviors are just downright wacky. Did you know that wombats have cube shapes poops? Keep reading to find out why. I promise it’s not because they have cube-shaped butts. Also, read on to find out which creature vomits by expelling its entire stomach.

Pigeons Can Detect Cancer

GettyImages-1152506150 girls with pigeons
Photo by David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images
Photo by David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images

Pigeons can be trained to do some crazy things. Through some good ol’ classical conditioning, pigeons can learn to tell the difference between paintings by Pablo Picasso and paintings by Claude Monet.

Pigeons can also be trained to read histology slides and detect the presence of breast cancer cells about as well as the average pathologist. The next time you call someone a “bird brain,” you may want to rethink the meaning of that phrase.