These Animals Look Like They Really Didn’t Want Their Pictures Taken

Making a living as a wildlife photographer is one of the most rewarding professions. You get to explore nature for a living while capturing the world’s most stunning animals on camera. Some animals love posing for their pictures. They’re ready for their 15 minutes of fame. Others are shyer, and they prefer hiding. But when hiding doesn’t work, they have to take drastic measures. They have to get in the photographer’s way. These are some of the best photos of animals that look like they had no interest in being on camera and did something about it. They interrupted the photographers with hilarious results.

A Camera Built For Two

This fox saw a photographer reviewing his pictures and wanted to take a peek for itself. We’re betting it was the subject of the photos and just wants to make sure the this dude caught his best side. He shines brightest from the right, not the left!

Have you ever tried to photograph a fox? They’re pretty particular creatures, if they even let you take their picture at all! It’s never guaranteed. This one was probably bribed with snacks, but is ready to snatch the camera and run if it doesn’t approve of the result.