These Are Deadliest Snakes Ever Found On Earth

Snakes have had a bad reputation in history. Since the story of Adam and Eve and throughout many other cultures, snakes have been seen as sneaky and dangerous. While a majority of snakes are relatively harmless, there are some seriously scary snakes that explain why humans have given them a bad reputation.

Some of these snakes are so venomous that their bite will kill you within 30 minutes, while one can accurately spit its venom into your eye from 23 feet away.

Boomslangs Are Beautiful, But Deadly

boomslang snake in Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzanie

The Boomslang snake is one of the most beautiful snakes… and one of the deadliest. The emerald green snake is found in sub-Saharan Africa and has a tricky type of bite. The snake can open its jaws 180 degrees to inject you using fangs that are at the back of its jaw.

The venom doesn’t start to take effect until hours later, so many victims don’t think they’ve been harmed. Thanks to the delayed symptoms, victims won’t seek treatment and by the time they do, it’s too late.