This Is The Reason Your Dog Likes To Roll Around In Dirty Things

Dogs are cute but can also be pretty disgusting. When you let them outside the chances of them rolling around in something gross are pretty high. However, they're not doing it just for the heck of it, it actually has a scientific reason.

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According to Pedigree, it's normal and natural for your dog to have this behavior. A dog's ancestors would have rolled around in dirty things in an effort to hide their scent from their prey or to mark their territory to other dogs.

Obviously these days a dog wouldn't necessarily be doing it to hide from prey, but it might act as a sort of recap for other dogs to smell where they've been or the adventures they've been on.

If your dog's rolling around in dirt, garbage, and god knows what else grosses you out, Pedigree suggests making loud, sudden noises to let your dog know to stop.