Trevor, “The World’s Loneliest Duck” Has Passed Away

Trevor, "The World's Loneliest Duck," Has Passed Away

Trevor is the name of the celebrity mallard that is believed to have been blown in from New Zealand in a storm. He landed on the Pacific island of Niue, approximately 1,500 miles away from New Zealand in 2018. He took up residence in a puddle on the side of the road since there are no natural ponds or wetlands on the island.

He quickly grew to become a local celebrity and earned the title the”world’s loneliest duck,” as he was the only mallard on the island. Unfortunately, Trevor’s days on the island came to an end when he was discovered dead in a bush after a group of dogs attacked him. Trevor’s fans then took to Facebook and wrote their own obituaries for their lost friend on the page dedicated to his existence on the island.

The account manager of the Trevor the Duck – Niue Facebook page wrote “He flew/blew to Niue in a storm about a year ago, chose to live in the puddle by the side of the road, won the hearts of so many locals and tourists, he became a global celebrity and promoter of Niue.  Taken too soon by a dog. Rest in Peace Trevor – you were a very cool duck!” Currently, people all over the world are posting their condolences for the grieving island community.

Photo Credits: Trevor the Duck – Niue / Facebook