Ugly Autos: The Worst Car Customization Trends Of All Time

We all have our own tastes and styles. What one person might find super appealing about a car could be a complete turn-off for someone else. With that said, there are a few auto trends to pop up over the years that we can pretty much all agree are hideous.

No one is trying to discourage creativity or self-expression here, but take a look at these horrible car trends. If you’re thinking about customizing your car, you should definitely pay attention to what you’re about to see. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


donks terrible auto trends
Photo by effspot/YouTube
Photo by effspot/YouTube

Don’t do this to your car and don’t let your friends do this to their cars. See something, say something, friends don’t let friends donk their rides. Donks are lifted and then fitted with cartoonishly large wheels.

It’s not a good look and is guaranteed to completely ruin your driving experience with a spine-shattering ride and nebulous handling. How do these trends become a thing? Where was I when this all started happening, I could have done something about it!