Going, Going, Gone! These Vehicles Are Going To Be Discontinued Soon

New vehicle models come out every single year, and car enthusiasts enjoy seeing the latest version of their favorites. But by the same token, every year there are some vehicles that are discontinued for whatever reason. As people want the absolute best cars available, the ones that can’t keep up with demand or stand the test of time are bound to be scrapped. Take a look at this list of the cars, trucks, and SUVs that are on the “cancel” list for 2020. Is yours on here?

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart Car discontinued

The Smart EQ Fortwo is unlike any other electric car. It features unique amenities such as 15-inch wheels, a smart lighting package, and black leather seats. This car is specially designed to quickly zip around difficult to find parking spaces and heavy downtown traffic. It is powered by an electric engine that produces up to 80 horsepower, which is perfect for traveling within the city, but not for long trips.

Unfortunately, this affordable and efficient car will not be produced in America anymore because people just don’t feel safe enough in these little cars, especially when driving on highways.