Hungry? These Restaurants Offer Food Freebies

If there’s one thing that Costco has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing better than food freebies. From free subs and tacos to delicious desserts, these restaurants have much more to offer than just samples. Whether it’s your birthday or if you joined their loyalty program, these businesses know how to get you hooked with a free item or two. Read on to see what big-name chains like Denny’s and Krispy Kreme are serving up on the house.

Denny’s Gives You A Birthday Grand Slam

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Denny’s is the king of massive meals for cheap. So, it’s only natural that they went big when it came to birthday offers. If you sign up for their rewards program, they’ll give you a free Grand Slam on your birthday!

The hearty meal includes two pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips, and two sausages– that’s two-rrific! Forget your mom’s surprise breakfast in bed, and head to Denny’s for a meal you’ll probably have trouble finishing.