UberPet Is Coming To A City Near You

UberPet kind of sounds like an app that lets you borrow a pet the way you’d rent a regular Uber ride. Unfortunately, it’s not but for those that do have a pet and take Ubers often the company is testing a dog inclusive riding option called UberPet.

A report by “Fast Company” recently revealed the test-launch of the company’s latest service. Starting October 16th, UberPet will be available in a select number of cities in the U.S. including Phoenix, Arizona, Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. The service has previously been available in Brazil, Mexico, and Singapore.

The service will allow pet owners to bring their “household pets” with them in an Uber for an extra $2-$5 surcharge. They also say that most of the surcharge will go to the driver as an incentive to actually accept the rides that include pets.

As of right now, Uber does not have an official policy on riders bringing their pets with them on their trips. They are required to notify drivers and request permission, which can potentially result in repeated ride cancelations.

If this test-launch goes well, Uber reportedly plans to roll out UberPet nationwide.