All Of The Looks On The 2019 Oscars Red Carpet

It’s here! The night we’ve all been waiting for! We finally get to find out which movies will be granted the highest honors Hollywood has to offer. But more importantly, we get to see a whole bunch of pretty dresses.

We get to see some fancy suits too, let’s not leave the men out of #OscarsFashion. They work hard to look good too. But let’s face it, they don’t work as hard as the ladies. Keep reading to see all of the best looks straight from the red carpet.

Emilia Clarke

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Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Emilia Clarke got to the Oscars red carpet pretty early. I guess she couldn’t wait for night to begin. She looks absolutely stunning in this metallic pinky silvery dress. I love the asymmetric neckline and the form-fitting (but not too tight) silhouette.

I wonder if we’ll see any more Game of Thrones stars on this year’s red carpet. Keep reading to see if any other citizens of Westeros show up to Hollywood’s biggest night.