Celine Dion Begs Drake Not To Get A Tattoo Of Her Face

Yes, you read that right. Celine Dion has made a public plea to Drake to not get a portrait of her face tattooed on his body.

During a recent interview with iHeart Radio Canada, Dion urged the rap star not to get the tattoo and offered a bunch of alternatives instead.

“Please, Drake, I love you very much. Can I tell you something? Don’t do that,” said Dion. “You can write me love letters. You can send me autographs for my kids. You can come and visit. I can have you home for lunch or dinner.”

She even told him that a tattoo of her face would not age well.

“This is not the money maker over here, first of all … I’ve always been very thin. As time goes, as you go older – you too, when times comes – my face will go longer and it will go not prettier. Please don’t tattoo.”

This all stems from a conversation the two of them had two years ago at the Billboard Music Awards. Drake allegedly told Dion that he planned to tattoo her face as an addition to his growing tattoo collection. He already has tattooed portraits of several other celebs including Denzel Washington, The Beatles, and Rihanna.