What Richard Gere Does To Make His Wife Feel Like She’s In A “True Fairytale”

They say that the third time’s a charm, and that seems to be the case when it comes to Richard Gere’s third wife, Alejandra Silva. Gere doesn’t just talk about how grateful he is for her, but he actually shows it through some pretty impressive actions. See how the actor makes his wife feel like she’s living in a fairytale.

Gere Has Been In Her Life For Some Time

When Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva reconnected in 2014, it wasn’t the first time they’d met. It turns out that the actor is a long-time friend of Silva’s family. The couple’s 33 year age gap means that Silva was just a child when she first met Gere.

ELI GOROSTEGI/AFP via Getty Images
ELI GOROSTEGI/AFP via Getty Images

Meanwhile, the actor was a Hollywood heartthrob and was “gearing” up to marry his first wife, model Cindy Crawford. Still, his history with Silva’s family would make their joining decades later that much smoother.

Their Connection Was Clear Right Away

In 2014, Gere encountered the now-grown Silva. A mutual friend brought the two together, and the connection was clear as day. Silva told Hello! Magazine that they “couldn’t stop looking at each other” the first night they reconnected.

Fotonoticias/Getty Images
Fotonoticias/Getty Images

By this time, Silva was the manager of an Italian hotel. She noted in an interview that Gere loves being with someone in another industry. Silva said, “Above all, it helped I wasn’t an actress or a model. I never had any interest in that.”

He Swooned Her With Flowers

Some Hollywood leading men would consider a woman lucky to date him. The opposite was true in Gere’s case. Based on their connection, the actor knew that Silva was well worth pursuing.

Venturelli/Getty Images
Venturelli/Getty Images

He swooned her by sending flowers to her multiple times until she agreed to date him. The gesture set a romantic precedence that Gere has lived up to ever since. Silva said of Gere, “Not a day goes by that he doesn’t mention how important I am to him.”

Overcoming Difficulties Brought Them Closer

At the time that Silva and Gere reconnected, they both were undergoing some struggles in their romantic lives. Gere was nearing the end of his relationship with actress Carey Lowell, who he’d married back in 2002.

IFC Films
IFC Films

Silva was also going through divorce proceedings. Though they each were going through an emotionally scarring time, that only served to bring them closer in the end. They could relate to the other’s pain and be there for one another through difficult times.

Gere Was More Sure Than She Was At First

Considering that both Gere and Silva were both recently separated from their former spouses, there was good reason to ease into a new relationship. However, Gere knew that there was something special between them.

COOLMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images
COOLMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

He was even more sure than Silva, at first. In an interview, she admitted to having some doubts and noted, “In the beginning, he was more convinced than me.” Over time, though, Gere’s persistence reassured Silva that they were meant to be.

He Continuously Strives To Make Her Happy

As the years tick by, it can be easy to take a relationship for granted and become stagnant. That’s something that Richard Gere continuously avoids doing by showing how much Silva means to him.

Venturelli/Getty Images for Baume & Mercier
Venturelli/Getty Images for Baume & Mercier

She told Hello! Magazine, “What can I say? I’m so in love! How would you feel if each morning you were asked, ‘What would make you happy today?'” Gere echoed this sentiment by telling the magazine, “I’m the happiest man in the Universe.”

He Loves Her Characteristics

According to Richard Gere, there’s a whole lot to adore about his wife. He told Hello! Magazine that he loves her intelligence, sensitivity, and patience. He also noted her ability to forgive and her commitment to helping others.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The actor even gushed about his wife’s incredible salad-making skills! The pair are vegetarian, so being able to make tasty veggies is a huge plus. Perhaps most importantly, Gere thinks that Silva is a wonderful mother to her boys.

He Appreciates Her Culture

On his list of things he loves about his wife, Gere noted “she’s also Spanish: the land of kings and queens, of Cervantes and Buñuel… You can’t get any better than that.”

Having an appreciation of Silva’s cultural background is very important given her line of work. She is a Spanish publicist and political activist who fights to end homelessness in Spain. Silva told Hola!, “I’ve slept on the street to understand the struggle of the homeless.”

Gere Introduced Silva To Buddhism

One thing that has made Gere and Silva so close is their shared faith. Silva converted to Buddhism after meeting Gere and says she’s “eternally grateful” to him for it. Silva told Hello!, “No doubt about it, thanks to Buddhism my life has changed.”

The pair even had the Dalai Lama bless their firstborn in 2018. Silva shared a picture of the moment on social media with a caption that read, “We couldn’t announce (the pregnancy) before telling HH Dalai Lama.”

He Proposed On Her Birthday

Like many famous couples, Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva take their privacy very seriously. That’s why the bride didn’t want to give away too many details about Gere’s incredible proposal. What she did share is that the magical moment happened on her birthday!

Alexander Hassenstein – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images
Alexander Hassenstein – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, it was also at St. Paul de Vence in France. Silva says that the hotel was the most romantic one she’d ever been to and that just thinking about it gets her emotional.

They Had A Dream Wedding

In 2018, Gere and Silva tied the knot! They had a dream wedding on Gere’s ranch just outside of New York City. Silva had previously moved all the way to New York to be with Gere.

The Indian-inspired wedding featured all sorts of ornate details to make the day that much more special. They imported tents from Jaipur and included Tibetan flags in the floral arrangements. The bride and groom even arrived in a tuk-tuk!

Their Families Spent A Week Together Before The Wedding

Gere and Silva didn’t just plan a wedding day to never forget. They arranged for an entire week of quality time spent with their families. Dozens of relatives gathered at Gere’s ranch to get to know one another in the days leading up to the ceremony.

Silva said of the special occasion, “Thirty-nine family members here in the house and we all still love each other, more so than ever.” That’s one way to join families!

Gere’s First Look Reaction Was Endearing

For their wedding, Gere drove him and Silva to the ceremony in a tuk-tuk. The bride mentioned that family members got a kick out of it since no one was expecting it.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The arrival also meant that Gere got to see Silva before anyone else did. When he got his first look, Gere responded by calling Silva “the most spectacular woman he had ever seen.” The nervous Silva simply smiled in response and said, “I love you.”

Their Children Brought Them The Rings

Another thing that bonded Silva and Gere is that they both were already parents when they met. Becoming a blended family can be extra challenging when kids are involved, so they were sure to make the kids feel included in the wedding.

Their children brought them the rings, which is a very symbolic gesture of acceptance and love. Just five months after the ceremony, Silva announced that she and Gere were expecting. Their first child together was born the following February.

He’s Promised Her A “Good” Two Decades

Though some have looked down on Gere and Silva’s 33-year age gap, the couple don’t mind it at all. Silva told Hello! that the actor “promised me at least 20 good years!”

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

She added that Gere has even more energy than she does and joked that he’s “not human.” Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to the couple and will help to ensure that they have many years together regardless of the difference in age.

He Brought Meaning To Her Life

Silva credits Gere with helping her find her true path. She told Hola! that before meeting him, she was “a little lost… without light.” The activist went on to say that Gere brought meaning into her life.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for City Harvest
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for City Harvest

Having a purpose is so important, so finding a supportive partner is a huge advantage. Silva not only found that in Gere, but she became more driven in her goals after meeting him. That deep-rooted connection isn’t always easy to come by.

He Writes Her Songs Everyday

Perhaps the most romantic gesture that Gere has made toward Silva is writing her songs. The actor is also a musician who performed the Pretty Woman piano theme and a guitar solo in Runaway Bride.

Steven Henry/Getty Images
Steven Henry/Getty Images

Gere also showed off his musical talents by starring in the film Chicago. These days, his music is specially made for his wife. She told Hello!, “What could be more romantic than a man who writes you songs every day?”

They Have A Huge Combined Net Worth

With someone as successful as Richard Gere, he doesn’t need any help in terms of finances. However, Silva is the kind of woman who can certainly take care of herself. The publicist and activist has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $1.5 million and $6 million.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

She received her bachelor’s in Advertising and Marketing from a University in Madrid. While Gere’s $120 million net worth blows Silva’s out of the water, they both can be certain that neither is financially dependent on the other.

He’s The “Perfect” Man For Her

Silva couldn’t have imagined a better husband than Gere. She told Hello!, “I never thought I’d find a man so perfect for me.” The happy wife also rattled off a long list of characteristics that makes Gere such a great guy.

Claude Medale/Corbis via Getty Images
Claude Medale/Corbis via Getty Images

She noted his humility, affection, sensitivity, humor, generosity, and attentiveness, all traits that any woman would appreciate in a significant other! Both Silva and Gere feel like the lucky ones, which is a great place to be in any relationship.

Their Relationship Is Like A Dream

Silva and Gere are deeply bonded through their commitment to helping others and being wonderful spouses to each other. Silva has been a Spanish activist for more than a decade and Gere has been an activist for the Tibetan community for years.


Silva said that Gere “was able to see my unconditional commitment as a humanitarian, as a person, as a woman… It’s the sweetest, the most romantic dream I’ve ever had. That’s why I’ve decided to stay in it!”