Mike Myers Might Finally Be Making A Return To The Big Screen Afterall

The Canadian actor, screenwriter, and producer has a laundry list of credits to his name. He is probably best known for his run on Saturday Night Live, as well as his portrayal of some classic characters like Wayne Campbell to Austin Powers. Needless to say, Mike Myers has had a fascinating career. But after doing four Shrek films, he just fell off the face of the Earth.

Whatever happened to him? Let’s hope a fourth Austin Powers film is in the works.

Myers Was Born To British Parents In Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Born on May 25, 1963, Mike’s father, Eric, worked as an encyclopedia salesman. His mother, Alice, was an office supervisor and a veteran of the Royal Air Force. Both of his parents are from Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Myers also has two older brothers, with his sibling Paul being an indie rock musician up until 2006. His other brother, Peter worked for Sears Canada. The family is of English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry.