Miley Cyrus Was Forcibly Kissed By A Crazed Fan In Barcelona, Spain

Miley Cyrus has a knack for going incognito at times, only to come back into the limelight with a bang! Well, that’s just what she’s recently done, as she starting teasing the words “She is Coming” on her social media, later including the date, May 30. She then performed three new tracks at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival, only to announce her new EP She is Coming would be released on May 31st. She, as well as her music, is also featured in the new season of Black Mirror. So, now that she’s back in the spotlight, she has to deal with crazed fans once again.

Early in May 2019, Miley Cyrus was visiting Spain with her husband Chris Hemsworth when she was grabbed by a fan who then forcibly kissed her. In a video shot by a fan, Cyrus and Hemsworth can be seen walking from their hotel to a car when a dan’s hand grabs Cyrus by the hair. the attacker then presumes to wrap his arm around her neck and kiss her on the side of the head. Hemsworth quickly separated Cyrus from the crazed fan and led her safely through the rest of the crowd.