Someone Photoshopped Celebs With Their Younger Self And The Results Are Eerily Believable

Many of us wonder what it’d be like to go back in time and talk to our younger self. While that still isn’t possible, one person did photoshop celebrities next to the younger selves in a way that looks like they’re in the same room! Keep reading to see Dolly Parton, Oprah, Clint Eastwood, and others posed with their younger selves!

Dolly Parton Has The Same Style!

For Dolly Parton’s birthday, Ard Gelinck posted this incredible photo of the country singer “hugging” her younger self! That would make such a special gift for someone in real life.

We can only imagine how proud Parton must feel when she looks back at her younger self and all she’s accomplished over the years. In both the older and the more recent images, Dolly has that same big, blonde updo and hoop earrings. Even her lipstick is the same color!

Nicole Kidman Sticks With The Times

This image was photoshopped so well that it really does look like Nicole Kidman is cheek-to-cheek with her younger self! If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Kidman’s past self was her daughter!

Kidman has a completely different look these days compared to back then, but it’s still clear who both women are. In the older image, the actress let her strawberry blonde hair keep its natural curl. These days, she straightens and curls her dyed locks.

Pierce Brosnan Has That Timeless Suave

Whether Pierce Brosnan was your favorite James Bond or your least favorite, you’ve got to admit that the man has a suave air about him that’s lastest through the years.

He’s doing almost the exact same pose in both of these photos, which are decades apart. In each, he’s diagonally facing the camera and has one elbow bent to show off his cool wristwatch. Brosnan also has that slight squint in his eyes that shows how sophisticated he is.

Jennifer Aniston Has Hardly Aged!

Jennifer Aniston is like the ultimate time capsule, meaning that she hardly ages. Though the actress is clearly very young in the older image, the more recent Aniston still looks incredibly youthful.

She appears to be giving her younger self a warm hug, which makes her look more like the cool aunt. Perhaps the most noticeable change in Aniston’s appearance over the years is her hair! At some point, she adopted the middle part and said goodbye to ’90s bangs!

Julia Roberts Looks Happier Than Ever!

Julia Roberts has come a long way since her Pretty Woman days. This photo shows Roberts as her character of Vivian hugging her more recent self. It really evokes how people’s ’20s can be full of turmoil, while their ’40s can be the best years!

It’s like Roberts younger self still has that sense of not knowing what she’s doing. By contrast, the more recent photo of Roberts shows her smiling and looking happier than ever!

Oprah Winfrey Seems More Self-Assured

It’s almost like the more recent Oprah is reassuring the younger one that everything is going to work out just fine. Younger Oprah was still wildy successful, just not nearly as successful as her more recent self.

If the Oprah to the right could tell the Oprah to the left that she’d one day be a billionaire, we wonder what she’d say! Based on that hesitant smile, we’d guess she’d tell future Oprah that she was out of her mind!

Carrie Fisher Looks Like She’s Coaching Princess Leia

The way that Ard Gelinch photoshopped these photos together makes it genuinely look like the older Carrie Fisher is coaching her younger self on what to do. The best part is that her younger self is dressed as her character of Princess Leia!

In true sci-fi fashion, it’s as though Fisher traveled to the past to help her younger self get through some impending doom! Even her hairstyle looks like a more evolved version of Leia’s.

Bill Murray Is Still Busting Ghosts

Ghostbusters is a classic and one of the main characters is none other than Bill Murray! Whether you’re a fan of the movie or just of Murray himself, this photo is a thrill to see.

It shows Murray teamming up with his younger self to fight some ghosts! In both images, Murray is wearing his ghostbuster outfit that clearly shows his character’s last name. The only issue is that the ghostbuster patch is on the opposite arm!

Indiana Jones Has Still Got It

Few actors have reprised a role for as many years as Harrison Ford has reprised his role as Indiana Jones. That gave Ard Gelinck enough material to make it look like an older Indiana Jones is looking skeptically at his younger self.

Of course, Ford looks almost the same since he’s wearing the exact same outfit and has his hair styled a particular way for the role. If he still had a hint of that mustache, we almost wouldn’t see the difference!

Clint Eastwood Appears To Have Gotten Grumpier

All of those no nonsense roles seem to have had an impact on Clint Eastwood. His younger self looks surprisingly laid back given Eastwood’s tendency to play hardcore characters.

His hands are in his pockets and he’s even wearing a small smile! The older Eastwood looks like his “Do ya’ feel lucky, punk?” sort of role. His furrowed brows and straight face suggest Eastwood has officially transformed into the grumpy old man he was destined to be.

David Bowie Looks Like He’s Weirding Himself Out

David Bowie has had some pretty eccentric characters over the years, both onscreen and in concert. His more recent self is incredibly tame compared to his younger years.

In this photo, it looks like his character as the Goblin King is kind of weirding out the more recent Bowie. He’s leaning into the older Bowie, who has his arms crossed and is the tiniest bit wide-eyed. It would be amazing to look back on all of his transformations over the years.

Courteney Cox Somehow Lost Lines Under Her Eyes

These days, there are plenty of ways to make actors and models look absolutely flawless. This side by side illustrates just how far technology has come. If you look closely at the older image of Courteney Cox, you’ll see some normal lines under her eyes.

And yet, the more recent Cox has somehow lost these lines! Even with the airbrushing, Cox’s style evolution gives away the different timeframes. Her haircut has certainly changed over the years.

Richard Gere Could Almost Be His Own Father!

The incredible thing about this photo is that it really looks like the older Richard Gere is sitting right next to his younger self! That means that Ard Gelinck had to find a photo where Gere was sitting just right to photoshop him leaning on the ledge.

While the actor’s facial features are clearly identical in both images, it looks more like he’s the father of his younger self rather than being the same person.

Fun-Loving Clooney Vs. Older, Wiser Clooney

These images of George Clooney perfectly illustrate generational differences in the most basic sense. The younger Clooney looks like he’s just having the time of his life and doesn’t have a care in the world.

Meanwhile, an older Clooney appears to be putting a hand on his younger self as though to brace him for what’s ahead. He’s gone from a polo shirt to a suit and is wearing a serious face like life has given him some real wisdom.

If Only The Older Jack Had Been Around In The Shining

This image could have been from a much-needed scene in The Shining. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say that Nicholson’s character gets a little off his rocker in the film.

The older image here shows Nicholson looking disturbed as his Shining character. Meanwhile, an older Nicholson is comforting him with a big smile. The film could have had an entirely different ending if this really happened! Sometimes, you just need your older self to come in and snap you out of it!

Jim Carrey Looks Like He’s Joking Around With Himself!

Jim Carrey has a ton of standout roles, but one that comes to many people’s minds is his character of Lloyd Christmas in Dumb & Dumber. That’s who Ard Gelinck decided to photoshop into this hilarious photo along with a more recent Carrey.

It looks like Christmas is leaning his forehead right up against the side of Carrey’s face, which is totally something he would do. It really looks like Carrey is looking straight ahead and trying to ignore Christmas’s silly ways!

Michelle Pfeifer Looks Cooler Than Ever

There’s no doubt that Michelle Pfeifer has always been stunning, but this photo reveals how her style has actually gotten cooler over time. Her younger self looks more like the girl next door.

In contrast, her more recent image shows Pfeifer in a white suit while wavy hair looking like a total boss. Being pretty is great and all, but looking like you run the world? That’s something only time and experience can give you.

Brigitte Bardot Still Has Those Loose Curls

Brigitte Bardot was a huge star back in the day, and she still has some of those same features that made her so recognizable. In the more recent image, she still has those loose curls that she would so often let hang from her updo.

She also is wearing almost the exact same color lipstick in both images! At the same time, her clothing style couldn’t be more different. The older Bardot is wearing a more conservative, black outfit that shows she’s gotten a little more serious over the years.

Mr. Rogers Tom Hanks, Meet Forrest Gump Tom Hanks

What better way to congratulate Tom Hanks on his Cecil B. DeMille Award than to photoshop two of his incredible characters together? It almost looks like Forrest Gump grew up and became Mr. Rogers!

Considering how heartwarming both of those characters are, they’re a perfect match. The characters are even both wearing the same pair of tan pants! Hanks has been so many characters over the years, there’s no end to how many could be paired as before and afters of one another.

Michael J. Fox Is Literally Back To The Future

Perhaps the most appropriate image to utilize for this project is one from Back to the Future! In the film, Michael J. Fox’s character was always traveling back in time, but here it appears as though he’s gone to the actual future!

It’s priceless the way his character is holding up his sunglasses as though to take in his future self. Meanwhile, a more recent Fox is looking perfectly casual as he gazes right into the camera.