See Inside John Travolta’s 20-Bedroom Maine Mansion And His Other Properties

John Travolta has been a movie star for half a century, so it’s no wonder that his net worth is around a quarter of a billion dollars! With all that cash, Travolta has purchased some pretty incredible homes over the years. Read on to see his 48-acre Maine property, his Jumbolair Aviation estate, and his homes in two of the most prestigious cities in L.A.

Travolta’s 48-Acre Islesboro Island Mansion

John Travolta’s 20-bedroom mansion is the perfect place for the celebrity to get away from the bright lights of Hollywood. Located off the coast of Maine, Islesboro island has a population of only 659 people, according to Census Reporter.

john-travolta-house (1) and Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images and Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

In case the low number of residents still doesn’t provide enough privacy, Travolta’s summer vacation home also features a whopping 48 acres of land! To top it off, the estate backs up to the ocean, and it even has a private dock.

A Grand Entrance

Anyone pulling up to this house wouldn’t be surprised to hear how many bedrooms are inside given the home’s massive width. It would take some genuine effort to count all of those windows, and that’s just on the front side!


An iron gate opens up to a long driveway that would provide sufficient parking for huge parties. Built in 1904, the home has a classic feel to it with the pointed rooftops and criss-cross windows.

The Bright Living Room

Inside, the home bursts with color! The stone fireplace might look dingy in smaller homes, but in this living room, it’s a welcome contrast to the bright colors all around. The walls are painted a mustard yellow that ties in with the floral chairs flanking the fireplace.


Across the way is a pink sofa topped with red and green throw pillows, and in the far corner are some purple armchairs. Needless to say, the space certainly isn’t lacking vibrancy.

Plenty Of Seating All Around

This living room is the ultimate entertaining space with numerous seating areas all around. To the right is a green couch with a coffee table and two pink chairs in front. Next to that is a six-chair dining room table.


The center of the room features two pink couches positioned back-to-back, each with their own pair of chairs. Against the far wall are a total of four lounging chairs positioned next to windows and with plenty of coffee tables.

Treetop Views Outside

This view gives a sneak peek at some of the beautiful scenery surrounding the home. The large rooms are full of natural light, thanks to the incorporation of windows at every turn.


Just this tiny part of the space could be a living room on its own! It’s complete with a couch, two chairs, three side tables, a coffee table, and a bookcase. In case there wasn’t enough seating in this part of the home, there’s even more straight ahead.

More Entertaining Space And A Built-In Bar

Off the enormous living room is this bonus space that features plenty more seating for guests. There’s a round table that’s set up for four but could easily fit six chairs around the perimeter.


Then there’s yet another living room set plus two more lounging chairs with their own side tables. The most impressive feature of this space, though, is the built-in bar in the corner. It’s complete with glass door cabinets and barstools parked at the wooden countertop.

The Sunlit Formal Dining Room

The dining room is equal parts formal and homey. Beneath the lovely chandelier is a long table leading to a fireplace. Windows line the wall to the left, letting sunlight pour in by day.


At the top of the bright yellow walls is a strip of green floral wallpaper that pairs well with the green and white curtains around the windows. Vintage candle holders all around make the room feel like something out of a fairytale.

The Holiday-Inspired Kitchen

This kitchen couldn’t be any cozier given its size and amenities. Large windows warm the space and give a view of the trees outside. The red and green color scheme is reminiscent of the holidays and looks perfect with the light brown wood floors and countertops.


The long counter and two islands provide plenty of room to prep food, while a suspended rack offers easy access to pots and pans. The stove is equipped with six burners and a range hood for large meals.

Tons Of Storage For Dishes

The kitchen not only has plenty of countertop space, but is also well-equipped with storage. Cabinets underneath tuck items out of sight, while the ones up top feature glass doors to show off charming dishware sets.


Two parts of the kitchen that aren’t photographed are the impressive walk-in refrigerator and the pantry area. This home was definitely designed to house a huge family. The property is just shy of 11,000 square feet, but it feels even larger!

The Dreamy Third-Floor Kid’s Space

The third floor is a far cry from the dingy storage space that many attics are. This one was renovated to be the ultimate kid’s space. This bonus room is just one tiny part of the enormous attic, which also has four themed bedrooms.


The attic also includes a schoolhouse, a library, and a diner complete with play items. Of course, this amazing kid space wouldn’t be complete without a stage for performances!

The Regal Master Bedroom

The master bedroom could almost be a studio apartment in and of itself, and a large one at that. In the far corner is a dining table with four plush chairs. Next to that is a door that leads out to a sun porch.


On the other side of the door is a lounge chair positioned right by the fireplace for cozy reading. The large bed is also near the fireplace and sits in front of a bench, ottoman, and sofa that complete the regal space.

Fit To Be A Master Bedroom

This is one of those homes with multiple rooms that could be considered master suites by most standards. For instance, this room has all of the bells and whistles and plenty of space.


Near the king-sized bed is a seating area by the fireplace, and beyond that is a desk for studying. The foot of the bed also has a bench for extra seating. The multiple area rugs do little to mask the stunning hardwood floors.

A Vintage Bathroom

This is one of seven full bathrooms that the mansion has to offer, plus a single half bath. The home is more than a century-old, so some of the features have a vintage charm to them.


The commode, for instance, has a tank near the ceiling, and there’s a clawfoot bathtub separate from the shower stall. Above the double-sink vanity are two round mirrors. Both are flanked by light sconces modeled after old-timey candle holders.

A Quaint Bedroom With Ocean Views

While this bedroom isn’t the largest in the house, it’s still spacious enough to easily fit a king-sized bed, a desk, a dresser, and a seating area around the fireplace.


One of the most impressive perks this room has to offer is its exquisite view! It looks out to the ocean peeking out above the lush treetops. Imagine trying to get work done at that desk and every time you look up are those dazzling views!

A Sweet Spare Bathroom

Even though the mansion is enormous, the sweet decor makes the home far from ostentatious. This bathroom is a great example of just that. The spacious area comfortably fits a vintage vanity, a rack complete with three shelves, a small cabinet, and a tub and shower.


The charming design features a cross-cross window with tree views, light sconces on either side of the mirror, a suspended light over the sink, and elegant white curtains that match the shower curtain.

Plenty Of Room To Relax

Of the 20 bedrooms in this house, many of them are full-blown suites with room for a studio apartment’s worth of furniture. This lovely room features a king-sized bed with large nightstands, two lounge chairs with an end table, and a loveseat!


Even with all of that furniture, there’s still plenty of empty hardwood floor space to move around or do a morning yoga session. With ocean and pine tree views, who wouldn’t want to lounge in this room all day?

Not A Master But Exquisite Nonetheless

In many other homes, this room could easily pass for a master. However, compared to the other rooms in this mansion, it’s clearly meant to be a regular bedroom. Still, the spacious room can comfortably fit a king-sized bed, an enormous dresser, and a loveseat!


Not to mention the extra-wide fireplace to the left, complete with a brick hearth and an ornate mantel. Two large windows look out to the stunning views and fill the room with natural light.

A Beautiful Standard Bedroom

Though this bedroom doesn’t have quite as many features as some of the other rooms, it’s still beautiful. There’s enough space to fit a dresser in front of a queen-sized bed, plus a vanity against the far wall and a lounge chair in the corner.


The long window showcases the beautiful landscape outside and brings in just enough natural light to illuminate the room. Green wall paneling gives way to yellow floral wallpaper, which is topped off with lovely crown molding.

A Pool And A Detached Barn

This aerial view shows how enormous the mansion is and gives a peek at some of its additional features. The driveway leads to a lovely roundabout surrounded by manicured landscaping.


The long driveway also extends to a detached barn that serves as an additional place to park cars. Behind the home is a large pool with plenty of deck space for outdoor furniture. The rear of the house features two sun porches and a back deck that looks over the pool!

A Huge Plot Of Gorgeous Land

With 48-acres of expansive fields, giant trees, walking paths, gardens, and oceanfront land, there’s plenty to explore on this property alone! The estate extends to Sabbathday Harbor, where there’s a private dock ready for boats and water equipment.


Residents can enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and other summertime activities before trekking through the forest and taking a dip in the pool. Travolta’s $5 million asking price for this stunning property seems justified given all it has to offer.

Travolta Sold This Home To Justin Bieber’s Talent Manager

Back in 1997, Travolta moved into this large home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The 1949, Spanish-style home boasts 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It also features a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, and two garages.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Though Travolta bought the place for $3.5 million, he sold it for $18 million in 2020! The buyer was none other than Justin Bieber’s talent manager, Scooter Braun. Brentwood is home to many celebrities, so it’s no wonder they were able to find an eager buyer.

Travolta’s Jumbolair Estate Has Driveways For Airplanes!

Jumbolair Aviation Estates is exactly what it sounds like: a neighborhood for planes. The private-use airport is located in Florida and has homes with literal driveways for airplanes!

SVN Florida Commercial Real Estate Advisors
SVN Florida Commercial Real Estate Advisors

If you’re wondering why Travolta might be interested in a property here, it’s because he’s a pilot. The actor loves planes so much that he owns not one, but two! This neighborhood enables Travolta to keep both of his beloved aircraft right outside his house like parked cars.

Travolta Was Jumbolair’s First Resident

This image shows Travolta’s Jumbolair property while it was still under construction in 2003. Travolta was the first person to buy a home in the groundbreaking aviation neighborhood.

Chris Livingston/Getty Images
Chris Livingston/Getty Images

The Ocala, Florida house cost him $3.5 million and features a concrete and glass exterior and 6,600 square feet of living space. The estate comes with access to Jumbolair’s 7,545-foot-long runway so Travolta can land his planes and then taxi them home. The driveway even has room for his Boeing 707!

Travolta’s Calabasas Home Has More Than 7,000 Square Feet Of Living Space

In 2019, Travolta purchased a home in the Los Angeles city of Calabasas, which is famously home to the Kardashian family and other celebrities. The Mediterranean-style home is certainly fit for an A-lister with its 7,544 square feet of gorgeously designed interior space.


The front of the home features a round patio with a water fountain surrounded by tropical trees and bushes. There’s even a second-floor balcony that looks over the home’s grand entrance.

A Crisp Modern Living Room

Unlike the living room in Travolta’s Maine summer house, this space has a crisp and modern feel to it. The room features terracotta tile floors that contrast with the bright white furniture.


The blue hue of the glass coffee table picks up on the blue decorative pillows and the dark turquoise marble of the fireplace. Light features dance around the vaulted ceilings, which emphasize the home’s unique architecture. A grand piano sits in front of french doors that are topped with a beautiful arched window.

An Elegant Yet Simple Formal Dining Room

The formal dining room can easily fit a 10-seat table and then some, making it ideal for large families or those who love to entertain. A glamorous chandelier hangs from the tray ceiling, but the decor is otherwise understated.


The wall cutout to the left provides space for a lovely side table and a few more decorative items. To the right, an arched walkway opens up to built-in shelves with a light feature to illuminate fine china.

A Well-Equipped Kitchen And Dining Area

The kitchen features wooden cabinetry all around that provides tons of storage space, while expansive granite countertops give room to prepare meals. In case that wasn’t enough, there’s also a large island in the middle with a bonus sink in it!


Recessed lighting is built into a triple tray ceiling that draws the eye up. Stainless steel appliances all around give the kitchen a finished look. Off the kitchen is a six-seat round table that looks out to the beautiful background and views beyond.

The Massive Master Bedroom

Travolta’s master bedroom features stunning exposed beams angled along the vaulted ceiling. There is also recessed lighting to keep this massive room well-lit. Two sets of french doors lead out to a large balcony with impeccable views.


Between the french doors is a large fireplace with room for comfy chairs in front. Even a king-sized bed with a bench at the end looks small in this enormous room. Double wooden doors and carpeting make the large space feel cozy.

A Spacious Master En Suite

The master en suite features his-and-hers sinks across from one another to ensure that couples never again bump elbows while getting ready. Each sink has a counter-to-ceiling mirror over it that makes the large bathroom feel even more spacious.


Wooden cabinets and doors give some warmth to the sleek space, which features a marble shower stall and bathtub along with marble floors and counters. A nonagon cutout adds some dimension to the ceiling, which also features recessed lighting.

Stunning Hillside Views

One of the most impressive features of this home is the stunning view it offers of the city and the hillsides beyond. The neighborhood is full of lush greenery that enhances everyone’s privacy despite the close proximity between homes.


This view also gives a peek at Travolta’s backyard, which features a large green lawn, a covered patio, and a stunning pool and spa. estimates that the property is worth around $3 million, which isn’t bad for a 6-bedroom mansion in LA.