Sorry, But You’ve Been Pronouncing These Celebrity’s Names Wrong

Anyone with a name that isn’t “John Smith” knows the struggle of having to correct others when they pronounce their name wrong. Eventually, we all get to the point where we stop correcting people and just accept that our names will never be properly pronounced.

Well, celebrities, they’re just like us! Even though they’re in the spotlight and build entire brands around their name, we’ve still been getting them wrong. We didn’t even know it was possible to mispronounce Ariana Grande’s name but we’ve all be doing it.

Chrissy Teigen

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Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images
Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images

The supermodel-turned-sassy Twitter commentator decided to reveal to the world that her last name isn’t pronounced TEE-ghen like we’ve all been doing for more than a decade. It’s actually TIE-ghen.

Chrissy said she used to think it was TEE-ghen until she visited some of her Norwegian family members and they revealed that even she had been saying it wrong this whole time. Even Chrissy got played by her own last name.